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  1. I'm really happy with my '23 3.0. (was happy with the '21 too but decided I wanted the refreshed interior) I do detest the console shifter in the '23. (They didn't force the console shifter on the HD's -- which received the cab refresh for '24 model.)
  2. It won't give you a warning that the sensors were moved. If you get a low pressure situation, it will still give a low warning, but will be indicating the wrong location. The sensors will still give a reading -- but the truck won't know the correct location of each the sensor unless you go through the relearn process. eg -- if you moved both rears to the front, and don't re-learn the positions, then the display will show the pressures of the tires (that are now on the front) as being on the rear. You can verify this by pumping up a pair of tires by say 5psi and seeing how the higher pressure shows up on the display.
  3. Or find take-offs from the current generation.
  4. 2023 upfitter guide lists 24 and 26 offsets on 17 and 18" wheels Didn't find where/if there is a listing for 20's and 22's
  5. As I understand it is the angle of the spokes on SOME rims that is the problem. The calipers fit inside the rim, but the spoke hits the corner of the caliper. (There are still 17" wheels available on some trims) In threads soon after the T1 generation was released it seemed that some previous generation factory wheels would work and some would not --- and if would depend on the angle of the wheel spokes relative to the calipers. Offset is the centerline of wheel relative to face of wheel that meets the wheel hub -- which doesn't directly account for the spoke/disc shape of the wheel. Wheel could have the same offset but have different spoke angles.
  6. The phone app will show update install history and a brief description of what it was for.
  7. Worked that way on the pre-refresh trucks, but the 'refreshed' trucks have to have a plan set-up to get the speed limit to display.
  8. Fwiw, it Oshawa is where the assembly plant is... not Ottawa. Anyways congrats on the retirement and congrats on the truck!
  9. And there is always the chance it was a dealer trade which was originally shipped to another dealer. It would have got the door sticker when it went down the line, but it could have sat outside at the assembly plant for an extended amount of time before it was shipped. Curious if there is there a reason for wanting to know, other knowing it was sitting during price negotiating?
  10. I keep reading that, but my '21 LM2 always stabilized in the 180-190 range, my '23 LZO always stabilizes in the about 190-200. Ambient doesn't matter so they must somehow be controlled to those temperature ranges. Perhaps the temp is different on the 3.0 versions of the speeds? (MCQ and MQB vs MHS, MNT and MQE) EDIT: I see this was addressed in posts after the one I quoted...
  11. As long as the wheels are on the floor and the lift pad is on a surface of the vehicle that is parallel to the floor it it won't matter about the angle to the vehicle. Problems can occur if the jack is lifting using just an edge of the lift pad -- which can happen if trying to lift on a part of the vehicle that is not level with the floor (wheels of the lift). Jack is will be easier to manage with the full length of the handle. 6 ton stands seems excessive (and will be heavier to handle than necessary) unless they are also being used for anyother purpose besides rotating tires on a pickup
  12. Check the auto recyclers too. New ones get totaled sometimes.
  13. Did you try re-booting the phone and/or checking for an update for the phone app?
  14. Could be either. Could be something else. Jarring ride on a potholed surface can make a lot of unexpected things rattle that wouldn't other wise be making any sound. I just mentioned tailgate because 'back in the day' it wasn't unusual for one to be loose enough to rattle.
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