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  1. Well, sorry to sound so negative with my minimal post count (long-time-lurker) but this is only to hopefully help improve GM with their decision making. I have no problem with a crew cab only model, but they really need to get their heads out of their A$$3s if they want to compete. Why? Because the RAM destroys GM with the interior. One HUGE reason is with the RAM crew cabs, YES, with the rear seats of the Crew cab Laramie with seats AGAINST the glass, the rear seats RECLINE. They even have more room with the Mega cab. There are MANY people that
  2. As a lifelong GM fan, I have been back and forth about purchasing either a GMT 800/900, also considering a 2015+. I have recently re-kindled this search only to find myself utterly perplexed in how the interior design could remotely have received any type of approval. This applies to the LWB, not the Tahoe in which all solid-axle Tahoe/Yukon models have an utterly useless 3rd row unless you like your knees in your chest. With that being said, these are for the most part spacious, people and cargo movers, focusing more on the people side. These vehicles are over 2 feet longer than a
  3. Show me an electric vehicle that I can sit in a closed down highway for 20+ hours, 20 deg F ambient, running the heat without the battery going dead and still have over 100 miles of range once the traffic clears that can tow over 8,000 lbs during this ordeal. The sheep will buy into this ridiculousness of non-petroleum powered vehicles.
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