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  1. Here you go.. = Discrepancy in participation. I could be wrong though.
  2. Not really pointless, you can widen the offset with 20x9's, go with a larger tire (say a 295/65/20 with roughly a +12 offset wheel) and have no rubbing stock.
  3. I would verify if his wheels are 20x9 or 20x10. My 20x9 +10's with 295/65/20 needed the front liner pulled back. Very easy to do though, my truck is stock.
  4. My advice is to trade it in on a different truck. I agree with the previous reply's but you seem pretty convinced its not going to make it. Who needs that added stress. Trade it and move on.
  5. Agree, the 10spd will be great and has been great paired to the Duramax. When I read the "I wanna stick with the 6spd" comments I can only imagine how they will look back and think how premature their comments were. The 10spd being paired with the l8t has proven itself paired to the Duramax and will make everyone forget about the 6spd really quick. I have always purchased diesels but the addition of the Allison branded 10spd paired with the gas motor might get me thinking about trying the gas next time around.
  6. The 10spd being used is not the Ford 10spd, it's the same version that has proven itself in the current HD Duramax. I personally would never go back to the 6spd Allison after having the 10spd, its that good IMO. Price increase is worth it in my mind.
  7. The 10 spd will be MUCH better and more reliable. Our gas HD's for my business get worked and the weak spot has been the tranny's. I suppose for the average guy using them as a daily driver and towing on the weekend they are fine but for me, this is great move putting the 10spd with the gas motor. The 6.6 gas motor has been great. It would be interesting to come back after a year of the 10spd paired with the gas and read the comments from those thinking this is a bad move.
  8. I believe the only similarity is they are both 10speeds. Otherwise, completely different.
  9. I've had both, 1st was a 2020 2500 and now have the 3500. If there is a difference, I don't notice it at all.
  10. I know this is an old message but can you post a pic of your truck with these wheels again. I remember seeing it and was thinking I might go this route for the new one I ordered.
  11. Yep. Like I said, had know idea it was taking this long..brutal.
  12. I knew there was a delay, pretty common knowledge, but had no idea it was that far off! Glad I'm not ordering right now.
  13. If you're traveling long distance every weekend and looking for less fill ups, get the Duramax. You described my current situation exactly including the Yamaha Boat less the dogs!
  14. No way is it 8-12 months. He must have meant weeks
  15. That is a bummer for sure but unfortunately happens. Hopefully they can remedy quickly. I don't think anyone would be happy with that happening on a new vehicle regardless of the selling price.
  16. I think your tire size choice will look too small with it leveled. IMO
  17. L8T not immune from issues. BOTH of our 2020 6.6 gas trucks were down, one for 2weeks and the other for 3 waiting for parts. It happens. My Duramax also had the Def heater issue last year and was down 2 weeks, no issues since.
  18. I doubt a 30" will fit unless you can find an extra slim light. The issue is they get too tight towards the louvers (if your truck has them). I have a 20", 2-6" and 2 slim 10" behind my High Country grille.
  19. Definately been tough getting parts for virtually anything this past year and its not just GM. Almost every sector and manufacturer is dealing with this.
  20. I have 2 sets of A/M 20" wheels. First set is 20x9 +18 with 295/65/20, they fit with no mods on stock suspension. I also have a chrome set for summer, 20x9 +10 with 295/65/20 Nitto G2's. The +10's needed the front of the fender liner pulled back just a bit (took 5 minutes) and they fit now as well with no rubbing. The slightly wider offset and larger tire makes the stance look much better IMO.
  21. 295/65/20's fit no problem.
  22. Probably not. There is a need for both trucks. Each can have issues and do, I own both. When the tranny had to be replaced in our 2021 Gas HD, I was thinking dang, I wish I had the Allison. When the DEF heater went out last year on my diesel, the gas was sounding better but thats how it goes when problems arise, its human nature... There will always be back and forth discussions about gas vs diesel and there will always be exaggerations such as the comments you made. Bottom line, buy what you want and decide for yourself if it was the right decision. I personally prefer the diesel but have a need for the gas truck too and it works well and gets the job done.
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