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  1. My 2010 6.0 2500 hauled over 3300 lbs in the bed fine. You knew it was there but not by a lot.
  2. They made me one in July of 2021 and put the wrong body on it. They would not fix it so I said build me what I ordered. I may have it by the first of the year.
  3. I am still waiting on my strip-O-Matic. I ordered it in Feb. of 2021
  4. I ordered mine in Feb 2021 it is now almost Aug. 2022 still no date. I ordered a stripped single cab with no bed. Grab a snicker bar it is going to be awhile.
  5. I ordered a stripped 2500 in Feb. 2021. Built it wrong and am still waiting. They say maybe March 2022.
  6. I ordered mine in Feb. it has been at the dealer for over a month waiting for the lift gate. I may have it six months after I ordered it.
  7. You are close to 18,000 lbs truck and trailer. You expect it to do close to 100 MPH up hill? If I was pulling that much I would go no were close to that speed. What happens when a moron cuts you off than slams on the breaks? I will tell you dead moron and your truck totaled.
  8. I ordered mine 5 months ago. I came in 4 weeks ago. Still at the dealer waiting for the bed and gate to come in. Maybe I will have it in under 6 months.
  9. I am at 5 months and I should be getting my stripped single cab with no bed should be ready in a week or two. So almost 6 months and I got negative options.
  10. I have the same 17" stock rims. Would I need a reflash if I went 18"?
  11. I can see why you do not want to wait 5 months for a truck. From the looks of it you by a new one every 4 months.
  12. My truck got to the dealer on Monday. It has to go and get the body put on it before I can get it. My buddy sent me a pic of it. I have been too lazy to stop in and see it before it gets sent off even though I drive by the dealer every day.
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