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  1. When you say you turned it off, do you mean turned the developer mode off? If so, is it the same steps to turn it off?
  2. Same here, also installed from factory. As mentioned above they are pretty stiff but I don't mind as they don't move around when loaded up full of snow and slush, and they seem to offer a good amount of protection without being an eye soar.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a new body style 2019 Sierra, and lately have been having issues with my wipers not parking at the bottom of the windshield! Seems to be hit and miss, as sometimes they do stop at the bottom. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet due to the service departments being closed in my area, but just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I know this was a common issue with the K2, and if I remember correctly it was caused by a faulty pulse module. Wonder if GM used the same modules on these trucks and the issue still exists! Any information and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Al 2019 Sierra Wipers.mp4
  4. Anyone having any issues with the cellphone signal and battery icon disappearing after it connects via Bluetooth? I have a 2019 Elevation with the IOS infotainment system, and my icon appears when the phone first connects to the infotainment via Bluetooth, but quickly disappears a few seconds later. I've tried removing the device and re-adding, as well as a reset on the infotainment system but have had no luck! This happens with both Android and Iphone devices, as I've connected both to compare. Was also experiencing this before and after the latest infotainment update. Not sure if this is normal for the IOS system, or if it's a system glitch.
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