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  1. I was trying to see if I had an update to my infotainment system since some have been reporting downloading one. I was unable to pull in the update but did discover how to enable developer mode on the system. Touch "Settings"->"About"->"Build number"->then tap the white file name several times and it will count down how many taps it takes to enable it. There is stuff way above my head as options in here so I am just passing this info along. ******USE WITH CAUTION******* I am sure there are settings that will not have a positi
  2. I don't have any diagrams but this video may help with your install. LLJ Customs Also check out crutchfield as they have install instructions for sale. Reply back when you complete your install I will be interested as I have the same truck.
  3. Look at this video at eh 0:40 mark as the guy shows you those grommets for the firewall pass through.
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