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  1. now that seems to be what i was wanting... a wireless cam that broadcasts to the in dash screen... pricing is a bit much though... base price plus adapter for using the built in screen plus i dunno what else... eeek
  2. price isnt bad. dont really need a unit with a monitor though.. some sort of dash button that could switch between the tailgate camera and the wireless one... just cant believe somoene hasnt done this? i dont know much about audio/video cables or controls someone must play with this stuff? it would have to be real time tho with no lag as were backing up a vehicle...
  3. i believe theres a bunch of electronics in our rear view mirrors now days.. for emergency calling and all that not sure what happens if you change out that mirror? be so much easier if someone knew how to put a video switch in the equation and send the camera feed to the existing monitor? for under a million bucks.. wireless cameras are prettty cheap these days... we already have the monitor ? must be someone with some switching knowledge?
  4. wireless would be alot easier... running a wire to the back of the trailer (enclosed) just asking for issues... road salt/ pinched wires/ scrapes i cant be the only one having this dream?
  5. just curious if theres anyway to put a back up camera on my trailer and somehow put the feed on the built in monitor on the dash on my 18... love the back up cam but with the trailer on all i see is the ball and trailer toungue... would be great to see whats behind the trailer? i have no idea if theres optional plugs on the back of the monitor or what? anyone ever mess with it? this would require some sort of wireless camera and receiver but they must be out there?
  6. ya I was wanting one but they don't offer the metallic blue yet for my 18 I emailed them a few weeks back and was told they don't know if or when they will offer it. so I guess id have to with the dark tinted generic one they've had forever
  7. I inquired and they don't know if or when they will be producing it....that's the bad part of buying early in the model year accessories come out late in the year... after you have some stone chips in the hood likely.... anyhow i'll hold off for a month or so its too cold outside to play with that kinda thing anyhow
  8. ya I looked into that...not available in my color! I got the metallic blue I think it was called...shoulda stuck with a black truck I guess.
  9. got an 18 Silverado and want to put a deflector on... just was curious what everyone was using. and hopefully some pics? so many options out there now days. avs is prbly one of the bigger brands? had putco chromes on my last truck they were nice but slowly got salt pitted. and im not going the chrome route on this truck....so lets see what you guys have?
  10. few weeks back b4 I seen this thread even... I was talking to gm Oshawa (gm headquarters in Canada) and I asked about the ice warning and if there was a way to turn it off... explaining if it comes on everytime I turn on the truck when its below zero up here in north Ontario it will be on from now to may.... I know its cold outside I don't need to be reminded....the answer was no there is no way to turn it off but they agreed it was somehitng to send to product development.... those people in California never think about us fools up here in the north that freeze to death for 6 months of the ye
  11. anyone ever add more lumbar to there seats? seems even with it out all the way it aint quite enough in my 18.... back acts up occasionly and I lots of lumbar seems to help
  12. just got a new 18 Silverado and was wondering what would be involved in adding heated seats and steering and if its even possible PRice? where would the switches go? is it posssibe to hook it to come on automaticly on a cold morning like the rear defrost does? gimme some wisdom on this!
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