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  1. This is now the new business model guys. Learn to live with it. The days of going to a fully stocked dealership and seeing a sea of trucks to choose from are over. Dealers and manufacturers found a way to make more money and spend less by keeping stock low. Anyone who believes in “supply chains” is unfortunately, living in a dream world. For those who believe in supply chains, at what point would you stop believing that? 1-2yrs? 3-4? 10? I guess chips are in strong supply now? That sure was a quiet transition into the much more obscure supply chains. Total clown show. The scamdemic changed a lot of things, and not for the better. All by design.
  2. So you want and are taking possession of three trucks?
  3. Haven’t seen anyone talking about these UAW strikes. Any of them taking place in Flint or Oshowa?
  4. My last truck was a 16 tundra owned it for over 5yrs. Tundra got only 1-1.5mpg more in most situations. Sometimes it’s just splitting hairs. I watched both closely on trucks display and both with a scan gauge.
  5. I would say “grey” these cute names for colors belong in a interior decoration handbook l, not to describe heavy duty pickup trucks haha
  6. So they both have a four leaf pack and both have overload spring but slight differences. I know my 2500 has five total leaves. I mean there has to be some difference to account for the 500+ pound payload increase the 3500 sees.
  7. This topic has come up plenty lately. Mtu alum and Newdude both already posted the true difference and it’s not additional leaves. Both trucks have the same five leaf pack with one being an overload. My 2500 has a payload of 3,519
  8. Did you get the off road? Old school and very reliable for sure.
  9. Half tons have pretty much turned into cars with a small bed. They were not like that 20-30yrs ago though. The hd trucks are still trucks.
  10. I haven’t had it happen. I also have a keyed truck. I wonder if a lot of them coming down are push button start which means the fob is in the pocket getting pressed? Just trying to figure it out.
  11. Easily doable mod. There is a sticky at the top of the mod page for adding it with factory gm parts. A lot of us already added it to our 20-23 trucks.
  12. That’s a nice write up but I prefer the following steps. 1. pull trans dipstick and insert clean clear tube to the bottom of the pan from the comfort of sitting up top. 2. Pump old fluid up out of pan via dipstick tube and measure amount you took out. 3. Put small funnel in dipstick tube and pour new fluid in. 4. Walk by jack stands saying you will use them one day, but not today.
  13. I had a 16 tundra. The 5,600lbs dohc and 4.30 gears make it pretty quick. But I really like my 2500 more because I went from just a dbl cab to this crew so there is so much more room and a lot more room in the bed and I even had the bigger box in my dbl cab. The tundra crew had that tiny little penalty box no way. The payload also went way up more than double.
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