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  1. I've been on this forum a while now and I can't honestly say I've read others doing this. Everything including wiring harness' is so specific these days to the individual truck that....well let me put it this way, if it wasn't there from the factory and you want to upgrade to it.....that's a very big deal. I'm not saying it can't be done, all I'm saying is good luck. Hopefully someone else that may have done this will chime in and help you.
  2. One thing I've noticed lately is the Railroads must have bought every HD work truck gasser GM had available from 20 and on. Obviously I'm exaggerating a bit but I see those things all the time specially equipped with drop down rail wheels and the large work truck body compartments in place of the truck bed. Pretty cool seeing them on the rail wheels going down the tracks.
  3. I just have a run of the mill lead acid battery. When it dies I'll be switching to Lipo. Our camper is already equipped with a selectable charge controller for the different battery types.
  4. Mine too, and that's why I stopped doing the actual pump calculations. My truck was so close it wasn't even worth the extra effort.
  5. They are definitely different part numbers only due to the overload spring pack that you have on top of the main spring pack. Aside from that, the main 4 leaf spring pack with the overload spring under the 4 mains is identical on both 2500 and 3500's. No extra ends clamped, nothing. Same same. If you look at the pics you and I just posted, we kind of just proved that point.
  6. The PN will be different because you have the extra 2 springs as overloads. But the main spring pack is identical.....we will prove this eventually. Look back at the pics we posted. Although yours was loaded and mine wasn't. They're identical.
  7. I don't know what the Part numbers are but let's give a shout out to other 3500 owners. Can you take a pic of your rear springs unloaded like I did mine on my 2500 and please post the pics. And let's put this issue to bed once and for all.
  8. Here's a weird factoid. We weighed our truck at the CAT scales empty with a full tank of gas and just my wife and I in it. The front axle weighs the same as our 21 Ford Explorer and the rear axle had almost the same exact weight as the 21 Ford Escape that we traded in on our truck. So funny but I love it!!!
  9. That's my point. They are identical. You have the 2 overload 3500 helpers on top of your spring pack. But our basic spring packs are identical. Tell me I'm wrong.
  10. Would I be wrong saying your main spring pack looks identical to mine sans the overloads?
  11. Yes it is, most people don't know that. When we dry camp overnight at say a Walmart parking lot on our way to another campground, the battery is at a 100% when we stop and typically around 65% when we leave the next morning 10 hours later. The battery on the camper is keeping our fridge and freezer cold. It's giving us light, powering up our phones, powering the water pump when we take showers, that one battery is doing it's job big time. After driving another 3 hours when we stop to stretch, I look at the power meter and we are back to 100% just from the truck and our 165 watt solar panel. I love it!!!
  12. How about we compare pics? This is from my 2500 a front and rear pic of my spring pack. Lets see yours if you have the time sir because this topic intrigues me. Not of your overloads on the topside, just basically the same pic from your 3500 spring pack as mine.
  13. And there again the differences between the 2 models. I'm glad you posted this for the 3500 owners!
  14. I wish I had bought a 3500 to begin with. But they were non existent when I was looking last year. As a hint, drop the rear tires to 55 and the fronts to 65. Makes them ride like a caddy...lol....
  15. You are correct. Most of the differences that I've seen include the overload springs that are attached to the "basic" 2500 springs. Then we get into the long bed springs vs. the short bed springs. They also have different Part numbers for reasons unknown to me. But getting back to the basic 2500 spring pack, that's what I'm referring to.
  16. From my research and from what newdude said, the 5 leaf spring packs are identical in the 2500 and 3500 trucks. The only difference is the 3500's get the 2 extra springs above the spring pack and the overload bumpers for them. Those 2 extra springs are what increases the payload over the 2500's. I could be wrong as I've been before, but my research says I'm right.
  17. Apparently it's different with different manufacturers. On our Grand Design the battery disconnect does not turn power off to the fridge.
  18. I was hoping someone would clear that up. You are absolutely correct, the only way to turn the 12v fridge off is to shut it off with the knob inside the fridge or unhook the battery. The battery disconnect does not turn your fridge off.
  19. I'm from Presque Isle. I grew up in Naples and did all my schooling there until I graduated from Lake Region High School in 85. Moved to Chelmsford, MA to attend aircraft school in Boston for 2 years then moved to Atlanta for Delta Airlines back in 87. My wife is from Portland but grew up in Casco, Me. A part of me would like to retire up there, but I've been in the south for so many years and love this climate a lot better. We fly up there a lot to visit friends.
  20. I agree, I'm in the same boat as you. My 22 has never had a problem. I still think I will throw some silicone on those openings but I've never had a problem at all. Perhaps I've just been lucky.
  21. So here's something I truly hate. Different gun laws between the states. In my home state of GA I can carry concealed now without a license of which is a recent change, I do have a concealed weapons license but I'm totally legal here in GA and most of the states around me because they have reciprocity between the states. Now, let's say I go to say PA or NY and many other states, I could become a felon. I thought we were the United States of America. But we are not when it comes to gun laws at all. Totally drives me nuts. Our last adventure to Maine I had hand guns and my beloved AK in the camper. I'm not paranoid at all, I just love my guns and the security it gives me. My only wish is I never have to use them for protection and hopefully never have to take another life. But if it comes down to me or them, I'm a pretty damn good shooter. But it drives me nuts that I could become a felon in another state without ever doing anything bad. I'm the good guy. I'm the one you want carrying concealed behind you in the store or wherever if bad ****** starts going down. Blows my mind up these other state laws.
  22. That's what I felt like on the cruise ship. It honestly sucked. I don't think I'll ever get on another one before I croak. Here's another tidbit from an airline employee. I hate flying. I love flying but that whole TSA thing drives me nuts. It's so stupid while being in line listening to those blue shirts yelling out orders to take your shoes off and put your tablets and phones in a separate bin....TSA has killed the whole flying experience for me that I used to love.
  23. British Airways is a great airline. Just because I work for Delta doesn't mean I don't respect others out there. Hopefully they take great care of your wife.
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