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  1. Are you guys concerned about water and dirt getting under that trim and rusting out the well lining? How is it holding up so far? I have bought the stainless steel trim but not installed it after I examined the design and noted that it is hollow under the trim and just a moisture and gunk trap.
  2. Dinged my front bumper

    And it is finally back on. I had it repaired and painted for $370 total. Looks just like new. If anybody looks at this thread in future, I found the instructions to remove the bumper here: http://www.hammerheadarmor.com/wp-content/uploads/2014-CHEVY-1500-FRONT-BUMPER.pdf. I followed through till Step 12.
  3. Dinged my front bumper

    Finally got the bumper off today. What a PIA. This thing has a LOT of parts to just get to the metal bumper panel. Probably close to 100 bolts, clips, retainers, etc. Anybody know where to get replacement wire ties with the oval fir trees? The fir trees attach to the bumper, and they have built in wire ties and clamps etc.? Now need to get this removed bumper repaired. Debating whether to just buy a new bumper and slap on a chrome bumper on the high country. Anybody done that?
  4. Dinged my front bumper

    Justin, any chance you can give me instructions/a video on how to remove it?
  5. Dinged my front bumper

    Does anybody have a video or instructions of how to remove the bumper? Mine is a 2014 with the park assist sensors.
  6. Dinged my front bumper

    Thanks for the responses so far. Here are pictures of the damage: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/34362092912/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/34481668526/ It is about 9 inches long, and the metal is dented. I'm totally up for removing and replacing the bumper if I can save some money and get a replacement unit. Where would I start?
  7. I dinged my High Country front bumper in a tight garage on one of the side walls. Its about an 8 inch scratch, and probably about a 2 2 inch wide small dent. I took it for estimates to two body shops today. A body shop at a nearby GMC dealer suggests I replace the entire bumper and estimates close to $1700. Gerber collision says they can fix it after removing it and estimates close to $700. Anybody had their bumper repaired? Should I replace or repair? Do these seem like fair estimates? Any advice appreciated.
  8. The way I get NAV sound out of my truck speakers is to use Pandora for music. That way the music is streaming from the phone to the truck, and the nav sound also comes through the truck. No need for any connections... it just streams over bluetooth.
  9. Rust on 2014 Silverado?

    Fair enough. I have not owned any competitive truck. However, I do own a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe with zero rust issues, and I did trade in a 13 year old 2001 Santa Fe also no frame rust. The technology to make a decent product exists. GM just chooses not to use it. There is a lot to love about the new Silverado - the rust and poor paint job are not among them. These are so easily solved by GM, they just choose not to care.
  10. Rust on 2014 Silverado?

    Without any intent to call you out personally, it is complacency like yours that makes it acceptable for GM to continue making rust buckets, which is what these trucks are. They need to be held to a higher standard. The quality is atrocious.
  11. That would be great. Can you also post how you got the trim piece off and the new piece installed? Does not seem to be obvious to me how that is done given the seatbelt goes through the piece.
  12. Cannot find that thread. Can you point me to it please? Will be fantastic news if they have finally relented and decided not to go half assed. I have serious serious doubts this is true though. It would be so unlike GM to actually do right by their customers.
  13. Rust on 2014 Silverado?

    Yes, my 2014 has rust too. GM does have a TSB out on this, which they refer to as "cosmetic" issues. I took mine in for that and they did a hack job on it, just touching up the rust, which has since returned. GM quality is truly terrible.
  14. For Hyundai, their maintenance is no more than what you would expect... oil changes, engine air filter etc. I did all those myself and kept records. Hyundai cannot by law refuse a warranty claim as long as you do the required maintaiance, through their dealers or not. The most expensive piece of required maintenance is a timing belt replacement required on the Santa Fe at 60K miles. For that I did use a dealer. Other than that, all their maintenance can be done elsewhere. Now that my 24 months of free oil changes are done, my 1500 is not seeing the dealer for an oil change. It gets Penzzoil Syn and a Mobil 1 oil filter. And it is much happier with that than the standard dealer issued dyno oil.

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