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  1. No, I hadn’t thought of trying that but I will give it a shot this weekend. Will post results after.
  2. It has 2 USB ports in the console and they both do the same thing, no other USB ports in the truck. I’ve tried using different Apple cables but it still does the same thing. I remember reading on the forum something about an update or something that has to be done through the dealership, but I thought it was for the Mylink system.
  3. Couple of things that I have had happen with the factory radio: 1. Radio ocassionally just powers off with a loud pop and comes back on with clock back to 12:00 like it lost power. 2. When playing my Iphone through the USB in the console, the music will skip and and chop like a scratched cd almost every time I use it.
  4. I bought these off a Facebook Classifieds group. Paid $400 for rims and tires, they were brand new take offs from a 2018. The guy took these off to put 26’s on. Not sure where you live but I come across great deals on these classifieds.
  5. They worked like a charm. The only snag was having to have the TPMS reprogrammed at the dealer because the error light came on. Got it done when I got my oil change/tire rotation at no extra charge. Cheers!
  6. Would wheels from a 2018 Silverado Texas Edition fit on my 2015 Silverado? Both 6 lug. Also, what size lug nuts would I need? My 2015 has covered lug nuts and are ugly, the 2018 lug nuts are exposed but wheels don’t include lug nuts.
  7. Thanks Mtxkidd, giving this a shot and I will keep everyone posted.
  8. It does not affect or interfere with steering it's just more annoying than anything. Please keep us posted on what the dealership says. Thanks!
  9. Thanks guys that's exactly what I was getting at. I've only had my truck about a month so and I ran premium fuel the last two fill ups and felt the truck a little better responsive and less pingy. I just wanted to get a feel of what other people were experiencing.
  10. thanks but definitely a high pitch squeal that only happens when the weather is cold and only when the steering wheel is being turned in either direction
  11. Any pros or added benefits from running premium or super unleaded fuel in our 5.3's?
  12. Anyone else hear a squeak when turning your steering wheel in cold weather? It does not happen in warmer weather.
  13. Thanks 15HDriver, I am guessing the remote would probably have to be bought through the dealer? Or could I purchase one online and just have them program it? I'll call the dealership and see what they say.
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