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  1. Same question here... one of mine has started leaking and I am out of warranty. I've been looking for part numbers, but can't seem to find them anywhere (online). Anyone have a parts breakdown?
  2. I curbed two of my wheel navigating through a tight drive-thru and I would like to repair them myself however I can't seem to find a paint that matches the wheels, with every color I can find either too light (silver) or too dark (graphite). Anyone have any luck finding a paint that matches GM's CK190 wheels? Thanks!
  3. I’ve got the SuspensionMaxx kit on my ‘16 Denali. I installed 2” of the of the 2.5” which resulted in it being very close to level but still a touch nose-low. I can can post a pic tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for everyone's help, but unfortunately I lost the truck. It was 100+ miles away and I wanted to give it another look over before committing and it sold just hours before I was scheduled to return to the dealer. The hunt continues.
  5. I thought about that, but they are some distance away and a PITA to get to due to traffic, so if I buy it I'll just want to get it home. Besides, I don't know what tires I want yet and I plan on doing the leveling kit install myself. :-) Yes, that's a good way to put it, "heavier" and "slight vibes". Nothing extreme or harsh, just enough to be noticeable to the uninitiated like me.
  6. Thanks everyone, this was very helpful. Last night I went over to look at my neighbor's Silverado 2500 Z71 and would you believe it has the EXACT same wheel/tire combo (with chevy center caps of course). I didn't even think about his truck until I saw while on a walk with my daughter. Anyway... he said much of what many of you are saying, that what I felt is normal for a more aggressive tire and it was his opinion that it gets worse over time (with wear). With 30+k miles on the tires, they are probably due for replacement or will be soon. Given that, I'll negotiate a little bit better price but my desire is to level the truck and I may run different and slightly bigger tires, so I don't want them offering to replace them. Thank you.
  7. Thanks. It has approximately 30k miles on it and I assume they are the original tires. They appeared to have decent tread remaining, but perhaps they are unevenly worn. The truck is CLEAN and shows no signs of punishment top or bottom. The truck is less than 2 years old (from date of first sale) so I suspect the prior owner did a lot of highway driving. Yes, it was very subtle and I can see how I would get accustomed to it over time. I think the only reason I noticed it was that I was test driving a lot of similar vehicles with all-season tires and the ride was slightly different. The salesman said he didn't notice, but I pushed the issue and he said "I think felt it on that corner." Looks like its time to keep pushing.
  8. Hmmm... that's what I was concerned about. Truck drove great and tracked straight. I could feel the tires at very low speed (i.e. turning while pulling out of parking space) so balance may not have much to do with it but it's worth checking. It may simply be that the tires are overly worn or have worn poorly. I'll check it all out but it may give me justification to negotiate new tires. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, I've been looking to purchase a pre-owned GMC All Terrain and recently came across a really clean "All Terrain X" model. I looked at it the other day and I liked what I saw, but I am hoping someone can help me with a question before I drop a big pile of cash. I've driven many Silverados and GMC Sierras but all have had regular all-season highway tires on 20-22" wheels, so this was my first time driving one with more aggressive on/off road 18" tires (Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac). As soon as I pulled out of the parking spot I could feel the knobbiness of the tires in the seat and steering, just a slight vibration or flutter. It was subtle and wasn't really an issue, but it was detectable compared to the trucks with all-season tires. Since I've never driven an "X" before and don't have the ability to drive another one for comparison, I am hoping that someone with experience can tell me whether this is normal for this model/tires. So if you own or have driven an "X", did or do you notice a little bit of tire roughness to the ride? I'm not looking to debate ride styles, just simply trying to validate my experience prior to purchase. Thanks!
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