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  1. I was in a similar situation and ended up trading my 17 DC in for a 16 Tundra Crewmax for the room.
  2. Thanks everyone. I just got an email that someone reacted so I don’t mean to resurrect a dead or old post. I do miss my Chev, both trucks have their pros and cons in my perspective. Dad still has a 16 Chev and no garage, so he’s down here a bit when something needs to be fixed or replaced :).
  3. 128,000kms. It’s had a leveling kit from the dealership when he bought it, not sure if that’s a contributing factor or not.
  4. For whatever reason I have been having a hard time ordering parts online for my dads 2016 Silverado. He's looking for wheel bearings and upper control arms. Any recommended spots?
  5. I had a 2017 Silverado Z71 2LT Double Cab. I had it for just over three years. I loved the colour (not the paint thickness) and aside from a starter I have no absolutely no issues with it. I got it new and loved the truck. A few days ago my daughter was born and I did not like the rear facing car seat sitting in the middle. I know it can fit elsewhere but the front occupant is fairly uncomfortable. I ended up trading it in and am now driving a 16’ Tundra Crewmax (I like them, I know people think they are ugly). This is my first foray away from GM. They’ve treated me good and I will more than likely return. My only real gripe I had when looking at the new ones was the packaging... why would you put a truck out without power seats these days.... just a gripe. I’ve enjoyed this forum and will likely continue to lurk. Everyone has been very helpful with any questions I’ve had. Thank you folks.
  6. I had gone with the DuraTracs. I ended up relocating them to winter tires on the stock OEM rims and got a set of 20'' black chevy rims with Continental Crosstracs for a great deal and just running them for the road. I have no complaints at all about their traction in mud/snow.
  7. Just picked up the 20'' black wheels with almost new Continental Crosscontact LX20s. I am replacing the 18'' rim and Duratracs for the summer. Just wanted to change it up a bit. I do like the look of the black rims on the blue trucks.
  8. What did I start? ? hah I was looking at the newer Trail Boss trucks; how the front grille/bumper is black on a red truck, white truck, etc. I was curious what the look would have been like on our trucks. Perhaps the design style of our generation just doesn't lend to it. I appreciate all the responses though!
  9. Has anyone done or thought of replacing the front bumper/grill on a Z71 with a black coloured one as well as the wheels. Ideally the lift would mimic the Trail Boss. I am just kinda curious as to how that would look on our generation of trucks?
  10. I have constantly debated this; I end up returning to my 17' DC after looking at pricing. I'm just restless? I do like the look of the Tacomas and if I ever went that route it would likely be a 4Runner if I am being honest.
  11. Just had mine replaced a few weeks ago under warranty. It took them awhile to get the part because of the recent strike up here and a parts issue.
  12. Finally fixed. The Ram that I had was nice, but I am happy to be back in the Chev.
  13. So.. I was checking my mail on Saturday, Nov 09/19. When I got back in the truck it refused to start when turning the key (no click(s), nothing). Everything had power, etc. I attempted to boost it, just in case... nothing. I had it towed to the dealer. They diagnosed it as the starter. My extended warranty included me getting a rental for approximately 5 days, that didn't really happen until today. I had to drive to the dealership and speak with the service manager whom informed me there was no rental cars available in the city... so I drove to the rental car stores (down the road) and had one of them put me into a RAM. They contacted the dealership and smoothed everything out - the dealership was concerned it was not a GM vehicle. They also would not loan me a 'used' vehicle while mine was undergoing maintenance because it was their specific store policy (the dealership I purchased from often loaned me vehicles from the lot to continue on about my business). There were a few words exchanged between me and the service dept that reaffirmed my decision to drive an hour and a half away to take it to the original purchase dealership. The service 'tech' said there was no starter available currently due to the strikes that had taken place. Has anyone else had a similar experience and what have you came out with in terms of a rental?
  14. I have 275/65/18 DuraTracs; some chopping on one tire after about 30, 000kms - pretty much all highway. I do think they perform well in deep snow and mud.
  15. Plot twist, he backed up into her. I'm just kidding, a lot of ye need a beer.
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