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  1. I have 275/65/18 on stock rims. They are louder than the Fortitude HT but I'll gladly deal with it this winter for snow traction. I've honestly had some vibration, maybe, but it's hard to tell because of how bad the roads are here.
  2. Congrats, I do like those rims!
  3. 265/65/18 was the stock tire size on my truck. You won't have any rubbing.
  4. MotoMaster Total Terrain A/T3

    So, although it was the worse customer service experience of my life... I did end up getting 275/65/18 Duratracs from CT. I'll update on how they went when I get them installed.
  5. MotoMaster Total Terrain A/T3

    Does he like them in snow, if he has experience in it? We're getting a lot of snow... :/
  6. I am just wondering if anyone purchased these tires and what there thoughts are on them? I am looking at the 275/65/18 size, they also have the same size in LT. I had read that they were rebranded tires and sold in the USA as Cooper Discover ATZ? I'm not sure the validity but a few made those statements when comparing DOT codes. I currently have the original Goodyear Wranglers on, they were great the first winter and although only 50, 000kms on them now, pretty slick this winter. Do I need LT? I tow occasionally and I don't do much off-roading. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/tires/pdp/motomaster-total-terrain-a-t3-tire-0051004p.1082302.html
  7. I've owned numerous GM vehicles because I generally like them and have had great service. If/When I grab some bigger wheels, and if I get my warranty voided for going to 275/285s, then my next vehicle will be something other than GM. They want to make money and I want to have good service, working together, I'd likely buy another. Being done over on something like tire size? Wouldn't happen again.
  8. Please don't post pictures like this, it's too late for me to go try to debadge to mimic the look. Very nice! ;)
  9. Paint?

    I know they are very new, but does anyone have any insight on whether the paint quality has improved from the previous gen yet?
  10. I had service at the dealer for an oil change for the 3rd time. For the 3rd time I've complained about the same thing. They finally said there was an exhaust sound coming from the manifold area on the driver side but GM said it was normal for these trucks. Somedays, it drives me bonkers.
  11. First Lifted 2019??

    Looks fantastic!
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    The black one looks great. Both are nice trucks.
  13. The chrome front looks good. I went the other direction and had body coloured bumpers/grill. I'd be interested to see how the chrome held up vs the paint in terms of rock chips. Beautiful looking truck.

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