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  1. Its in every color where I live. black has an awesome longevity.. assume its the way it stays drier in the sun after storms. I set up my metal hobby for my 96.. plasma cutter etc. can even make a different weight class out of them if motivated.
  2. I see maine in there. it is never the top ten of much. it is also a place that breaks 5 yr old anything. A most amazing trend has emerged with the 88-98. I have never seen anything like it. I moved here in 1987. I am finding welding on framing is getting to be much more relaxed. steel issues are looked at twice rather than scrapping over a dented rocker panel. So many places got spoiled apparently back in the day. people hang onto their stuff longer than I have never seen...especially the 4x4
  3. ? within that list, there is zero toyotas in my location. I have an elderly lady neighbor replacing the batteries in her prius nearly all gm otherwise.. its freakish. the most popular are 20 years old or older. (88-98) trucks own it many times over the burban count. this is just an SUV list. I trust it for sure.. just get a look around. I am finding city steps up thinking they are the world of great density it coincides with their wisdom: very dense.
  4. one more weld I heard a squeak, unusual place. This truck is abrick.. a squeak is something moving. So I started smashing and poking at the rear left tail near hanger.. the only area that has had just one plate, and nothing more. sure enough, I took out a whole section near the hanger. added new plate. this may have been the longest weld yet.. I noticed 5 hours went by. almost 2 more pounds of wire, 18 inches of plate. Also added welds to the ugly hangers bottom .. its like adding two more rivets. I have two new hangers, and am in no hurry.
  5. new compressor.. it may have original manufacture "debris". its usually a fluid challenging the freon. I refilled two years in a row after a brand new one. runs excellent now. full vacuum pull and refill. it gets expensive at a shop, unless the shop knows it needs a flush for being new, they might let one in for free. I knew to get the refill equipment on my own to DIY before it was put back together.
  6. was wandering around the dealer yesterday.. my dad just bought the 2019 gmc sle, x31. with tow. the rear diff is large, like the old school one ton tube sizing.. but its at at 12 bolt. Keeps the non floater look with 6 lugs. I need to find what diff that is. not sure how they did it, but x31 sits up more than lesser trims. with no blocks, maybe tires did it. I see no lift. rancho shocks at4 has extra factory blocks lift kit.
  7. yikes, hope it fairs well. the singles are tortured in the frame between bed and cab. If you are into welding, you'll get and keep all you want. I weld my own, in the north.. very rewarding. Not for everyone..
  8. my scariest weld yet to the left of gas tank. Judging how local it stayed, it appears one of the lines in years past must have broke and got fixed right away. This area left to even a vent tube would have a frame shattered into a pile of rubble by now. the yellow is where i welded the plate from the outside,it is the height of frame, and 3 inches wide. the bottom is angle iron I put in a couple of years ago. Not a scary weld to me, but for those that don't know what maine does. this injury stayed local, I was fortunate. I poked a golf ball sized hole last winte
  9. Wanting to drop hitch, as tails are welded to a very old receiver mishap. That gave this truck an easy life. the inspiration to utilize bumper as half of the 7500 came after tuigging at dad's peterbilt on ice. This is one hardened old half ton. found this on ebay. its purpose is exactly what I want. Good for half ton limits.. and my version of dispersal is the other half of the load. Bolted it up today with whatever hardware to map welding. Will have four grade 8s going through the factory ball deck. welding this seam as well. It was cheap enough to
  10. saw a picture on a facebook group for gmt400. guy was going to take his xcab in for new brake lines... and the truck broke in half on the lift. the sad part is the owners surprise.. wasn't expecting it. not even a pile of rust underneath after it let go. It did have a big truck cap on, etc... the resonance of years must have hammered a legit crack to fatigue right between cab and bed. I seriously have a legit phobia of that area in all makes and models.. even dump trucks. it started when I was a boy. anyway, my truck is same year.. I am taking
  11. running good cold, the engine gets more fuel until 160F. in live data, you may watch that switch to weird runtime you refer to. could help glad you found the disty problem.. I'd target injection/fuel my own went goofy to find plugs all went to beyond .100 gap. miles unknown. I am at 375k odometer.. running beautiful. Oil is at 1200 miles (I full it back up in half quarts.)
  12. been a while reinspected new fender stainless steel brake lines and where I am the one working the old frame, I took an air chisel to one hanger. could not kill it.. so now I have two new ones in a box I laughed out loud to the torture I attempted on the old one... now at 375k miles. Been keeping miles down. I love the thought of this simply starting and being comfortable. I may get yet another one. A 1998. a/c recharged, everything is still working. this summer gets more welding in spots i know will catch up f
  13. mine did this with bad speed sensor. 1996 is the first year for the modern one they all got. it narrowed down to burping weather changes. my locale is 20s F below to 90s. does it just once per the autumn and spring. I am thinking yours may have a strange air suck someplace.. little bubbles. the abs stays wicked, and it may be finding something within itself. no leak, just losing that laminar clean flow some how. I also went to synthetic and stainless steel lines..stuff was getting old. I have no complaints at all...it r
  14. its been awhile. not much to update.. miles now at 374k needs nothing. this year my locale has frost heaves I have never seen in my 30 years here. the steel extras and tires, suspension... I am actually enjoying this even more. almost 4 years on the tires, no uneven wear. everyhting works. bought a new passenger side mirror, had 1 error... and got a genuine delta pro old logo truck box today very cheap. our ground is frigid. A trait of maine.. air temps don't matter for late jan and february. this year is unique.
  15. there is the driver side cab mount forward, sometimes they put a shim there thinking ahead for column weight. My 96 did not need it on new poly mounts. 2011 is quite young for weird noises.
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