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  1. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    saw a picture on a facebook group for gmt400. guy was going to take his xcab in for new brake lines... and the truck broke in half on the lift. the sad part is the owners surprise.. wasn't expecting it. not even a pile of rust underneath after it let go. It did have a big truck cap on, etc... the resonance of years must have hammered a legit crack to fatigue right between cab and bed. I seriously have a legit phobia of that area in all makes and models.. even dump trucks. it started when I was a boy. anyway, my truck is same year.. I am taking it back to the 7500 it was advertised to do from day 1. lucky for this truck, there was an improper receiver install decades ago. No one ever bothered putting a real one back on (the first attempt had four bolts instead of the six.. missing the long arms that go toward front of truck.) That saved this trucks wimpy tails for sure. Could not haul heavy off the bumper alone. I bought this truck needing that lower rail filled in. They even cut triangles to install whatever dumb thing that was...and then left it there. I ponder some kind of receiver rental hack job.. uhaul or something. thinking ahead, I added angle iron 2 years ago, the other day added a weld seam. photos are terrible, but you get an idea anyway. Driver side has some local drama to old hydro carbon problems that must have emerged somewhere along the years. the heat stayed in the metal for a very long time... I know I made a change and won it back, and added a sweet spot. passenger side has no errors...gave it the same weld. I'll add plate to this just to knock it further towards 1 ton territory. up next would be worrying of 10 bolt axles if to freight it. I am adding my version of the 400 pound tongue and 7500 hitch.
  2. running good cold, the engine gets more fuel until 160F. in live data, you may watch that switch to weird runtime you refer to. could help glad you found the disty problem.. I'd target injection/fuel my own went goofy to find plugs all went to beyond .100 gap. miles unknown. I am at 375k odometer.. running beautiful. Oil is at 1200 miles (I full it back up in half quarts.)
  3. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    been a while reinspected new fender stainless steel brake lines and where I am the one working the old frame, I took an air chisel to one hanger. could not kill it.. so now I have two new ones in a box I laughed out loud to the torture I attempted on the old one... now at 375k miles. Been keeping miles down. I love the thought of this simply starting and being comfortable. I may get yet another one. A 1998. a/c recharged, everything is still working. this summer gets more welding in spots i know will catch up faster than I expect. I also have a toolbox squaring up the bed. I like it in this xcab model. I live rural.. there s more than 500 pounds of "stuff" in it. Carefully placed, full to the brim. the old delta pro can handle it. Learning the steel as much as I have these past 4 years... I like the weight placement and geometry.
  4. Low Speed ABS activation

    mine did this with bad speed sensor. 1996 is the first year for the modern one they all got. it narrowed down to burping weather changes. my locale is 20s F below to 90s. does it just once per the autumn and spring. I am thinking yours may have a strange air suck someplace.. little bubbles. the abs stays wicked, and it may be finding something within itself. no leak, just losing that laminar clean flow some how. I also went to synthetic and stainless steel lines..stuff was getting old. I have no complaints at all...it really works.
  5. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    its been awhile. not much to update.. miles now at 374k needs nothing. this year my locale has frost heaves I have never seen in my 30 years here. the steel extras and tires, suspension... I am actually enjoying this even more. almost 4 years on the tires, no uneven wear. everyhting works. bought a new passenger side mirror, had 1 error... and got a genuine delta pro old logo truck box today very cheap. our ground is frigid. A trait of maine.. air temps don't matter for late jan and february. this year is unique. I carry nearly 300 pounds of stuff living rural. including chains, a generator, 3 ton jack (73 pounds by itself) the box has been a must do for quite some time. this summer gets a dig at frame near gas tank, and the same on the other side. I have been smacking at exfoliation random since I bought this.. time to dig in to keep good measures. I am beyond half ton already, but hardly leads to trouble. I need silly strong. you should see my roads... not that I am here to play weird music.. but this song started playing as I finished typing.
  6. there is the driver side cab mount forward, sometimes they put a shim there thinking ahead for column weight. My 96 did not need it on new poly mounts. 2011 is quite young for weird noises.
  7. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    october already, tightening my hurst shifter was the winter chore. I swapped lenses in front parking to clear.. did not like giving up the old ones...but had to move on. 370k miles and 22 years. They deserve a break. I was losing ground wire in the parking light passenger side for no reason. Well.. not wanting to reveal the mystery. The lense had to go, it took on a life of its own and bothered the circuit. I do mean the lense by itself had an electrical life of its own. new lense looks good, painted the outer edge of lense black. Should get photos.. looks modern for sure. painted frame with kbs in the back, tire crossmember. rotated tires. truck is still the go anywhere vehicle, at any moment.. I mean from here to so cal and back if I need it The latest compliment was by a homeless man. He approached me while sitting in it. That was nice of him. I gave him 60 cents. that compliment was yesterday.. my neighbor today mentioned the sound. "this sounds damn good" I have concluded it will never end. I truly mean that.
  8. I found it is I-6 not a v6.. I kinda hope so.
  9. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    been awhile. only 1 chore thus far as I rack up closer to 400k mile marker... charge up a/c. dropped to 18psi after our northern maine version of winter. 24 below was the coldest low outside my window it sat for days as I was in florida etc...20s below, many many high teens below. we had several weeks of that in a row. nothing above single digits for a high. a tip to add a sealer that responds well to large systems..Especially on brand new a/c pumps. I found a kit a parts store put togther just for gm trucks. Real 134a etc.. no gimmicks. I dropped system to 30 inches vacuum and let all new stuff in. Colder each year as I go ahead with it. It just might keep the charge for a whole year. Other than that, the oil change after a winter was spotless. the stainless mesh captures everything. Very content motor. Will be doing steel chores soon, will share my simply addons...basic repairs.
  10. nice looking truck. i like the chrome version bumper being back to normal up front.
  11. standing by.. I like the sight of this one. reminds me of the older 96-99 a bit more.(my favorite of all time)
  12. they are all good.. there is a disable kits and tunes for the newer offs and on variable fractal geometry. comparing vortec to LS and thinking LS is more reliable is gong to leave you with a bad LS... you can't keep a vortec reliable in its original setting? an LS is just a mainstream facebook fairy tale stampede you are joining. when the aluminum LS engine hits 400k miles let me know... I bet you think the 350 is the SBC of choice too.. silly cults of idiot. my brother has a 2003 gmc, 5.3... with 130k.. he hates it, won't tell me in English why, and complimented my 96 instead. quite an epiphany... I still wouldn't trade if he wanted.
  13. I had same question, I got gadgets and blue tooth, lap top, scanners.. no retard cam timing. this one is on ebay.. it is just one of many a guru can save money with. crp 123 scanner
  14. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    another map sensor that little gadget sure does something good. between that and new coil... ls spark plugs are fast acting as well. all back to normal plus a percentage unknown. This was never a normal sounding tug boat of a gmt400 anyway.. I just added to it even further. very alive. this is a unusually feisty ecm anyway.. manual trans takes a huge load off of functions. It concentrates on motor only...and a/c. the random p0420 code is now deciphered as well. the timing controls are faster than the fuel.. you may have seen the unfamous black puff from the newer LS engines, tuned engines...they can go as far as a fire spit. this old 1st year vortec won't ever go there, it is just enough control. In live data I caught in action. the trigger is immediate throttle off, and this engine almost barks. that code goes ignored.. just like my usual inspector does. that is due thismonth, expecting no problems. The frigid new ebrake cable is back to usable now as well. good to go. calling this as no codes.
  15. you may be able to narrow it down to an outline by a prts store.. rockautos list for interior is an example.

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