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  1. '15 1500 Gear swap

    We could go back to the 80's. My 1982 GMC K2500 (6.2 Diesel and TH-400) had 2.56 gears. It would cruise very nicely at 60-65. These new transmissions really make up for a low rear gear. 3 speeds vs 6,8 or even 10 is no comparison.
  2. Haynes manuals are pretty handy. They can be ordered online or even are available at most parts stores.
  3. Replacing Lower Control Arms

  4. Motor Trend Sucks!

    I would say you posted this in the wrong sub forum.
  5. Misfire / Running Lean

    Hows your fuel pressure?
  6. Id start with your fuel pressure test. Might as well get all the info before you try and diagnose.
  7. Musk has more money than probably everyone on this page put together. Id say he can do whatever he likes with his time. Hes done his work.
  8. Its entertainment, for every guy that doesnt like it, 2 do.
  9. It wont be fast. Other than that, should be fine as long as your tires are load rated.
  10. Id say replace it now while youre doing all that other work. Use nice fluid if you plan on letting them go for 45 to 50k
  11. New Battery is drained

    Sounds like you got a bad battery if the cables are tight and making good connection. See what NAPA says. Any warranty on the battery? What brand was it?
  12. Crank but no Turnover (Ideas?)

    They did. Solved the problem. Sounds like you got your problem fixed.

    Sell the 4 ply or return them. Even on the front they will just wear out quickly. Plus, what happens when you have to rotate your tires?
  14. 37" tires

    Id say its really his decision on what he wants to do with his money. But, it is good to have a voice of reason sometimes. If he keeps his wheels and his current gearing it wouldn't be the most expensive modification. Especially if he needs new tires anyway.
  15. Crank but no Turnover (Ideas?)

    I had an issue similar to that on my 2008. Turned out to be the fuel pump putting out weird pressures. Id bring it somewhere and have them check it out with a good scan tool. Is the check engine light on?

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