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  1. Did you end up weighing it yet? I'm just curious what you've got for numbers.
  2. You would probably have to find a dealer that would be willing to work through the problem with you. They will probably charge a pretty penny for it but they might be able to say that they changed the suspension components and that upgraded the capabilities. Whether they change the current sticker or add another sticker which ive seen done in the past. Im guessing finding a dealer that would even want to try to work with this problem would be hard to do. IMO: Get some bags and a nice weight distribution hitch. No one is going to be in a rush to weight your truck and its individual axles for any legal reasons.
  3. Hey guys, I figured id start a build thread for this truck. I always seem to take a ton of pictures of my trucks but I have yet to put them all together for a thread. Im going to try to keep track of it all here as I get work done to my new to me truck. I picked up this 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 with the 5.3 a couple weeks back and got a good deal on it. The seller was going through a divorce and needed to get rid of it and I was able to jump on it. There are some things wrong with it for sure and it needs some small things. It was the dirtiest truck I have ever seen so strangely enough I actually detailed the interior before really doing anything else. Shampooed everything and dismantled most of the interior to get all the nooks and crannys. Ive decided the seats arnt worth saving, they have multiple burn holes and the foam is starting to lose its support. The rear shocks have no bushing on the rear axle so they clunk around and make a racket going down the road. The parking brake wasn't hooked back up after the rear axle was swapped. I replaced the windshield myself which was the biggest pain in the a**. Other than that, its going to need tires soon. It also has what I think is probably a set of lift keys from rough country. I have to check the rear to see if it has blocks in it or not. Sorry for the long winded message, quarantine has me pretty bored. Pics of how it sits now plus the codes for anyone curious. Itll need tires soon so does anyone know of some cheap 33's? O Does anyone know if the front seats from a Tahoe will fit a regular cab?
  4. Yeah the fronts on this one look worn but still have a lot of life in them. It wouldn't surprise me if they were original but the rears are spanked for sure.
  5. This one needs rear brakes and rotors. Im surprised to see that they have discs. I know the axle was swapped from another GM truck or SUV. The parking brake wasnt hooked back up so ill have to try and figure out if itll work with this axle.
  6. Hey guys, picked up a new to me truck last week and ive been doing some little tune up stuff to it while ive been stuck at home. 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 with the 5.3. Only 100,000 miles. Single cab long bed and pretty rust free for being a Vermont truck. I came from a 1998 Chevy but im familiar with the 5.3 as well. Anything interesting to know about this year truck? Or helpful owner or past owner insights?
  7. Not sure id totally recommend this. Taking home a test rig and returning it with a large scratch and dent in the roof might not be smart. Id go measure one sitting on a dealership lot. As stated, all garages can be slightly different and when we're talking about an inch of clearance, I wouldn't try it.
  8. Too bad its out of warranty. In my opinion, 75k is way too early for a trans to fail even if the fluid was never changed. At this point id look around for local transmission shops. Avoid the dealer and their high shop rates if you can.
  9. My family towed a hair over that with our half ton for about 5 years. We camped probably every other weekend and did some 4+ hour trips. My dad was always saying that anything bigger (>7500), he would want a 3/4 ton. But it wasn't worth the payment and the added cost of a bigger truck. You'll feel the trailer for sure but not out of the range at all. I wouldn't even spend the money on bags or anything like that. A good weight distribution hitch plus that added leaf and you'll be good.
  10. My 1998 does not. I don't think any had them until the GMT-900 platform in 07/08.
  11. You can get them pretty cheap off rock auto. I would for cheap insurance. Id hate to get everything together and have them start to leak.
  12. You are working with a lot more gears in the transmission in your 2019 compared to your 1989. I bet it would be fine but your speedo will be off without a tune.
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