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  1. I installed my ASE this weekend. It was a snap with the right plastic trim tools. Took me about 20 mins. I'm loving not having to remember to hit that switch any more.
  2. Ok, I got the sealant done today and the brake failure recall programming update. Praying they both work and I can stay out of the shop for a while. It’s snowing and really cold so I’ll give the caulking a good long time to cure correctly. The big test will be at the car wash next weekend. Fingers crossed!
  3. So I took it through the car wash last night after work and I made a point to turn around and look carefully as the water was rinsing over the truck. It was leaking in both corners pretty badly. I have an appointment for Monday morning, to take care of the brake module reprogramming recall and now this. Ughhh!
  4. You're right. I'll probably have it checked out when I take it in for my first oil change. It should not be leaking.
  5. I notice a few drops on the top of the rear seat when going through car washes. I hasn't seemed to get down to the carpet though. I attribute it to the high volume and pressure of the car wash and the air dry. I will keep an eye on it when we get heavy rains this spring and summer. So far it's been no big deal.
  6. Great article! Thanks for taking the initiative on this Shawn, I for one really appreciate it. I haven't had the issue since I had the dealer clear the codes and I stopped using the APP for starting, but I'll be taking it in for the update very soon.
  7. Good advice! I was actually thanked by the Service Coordinator for being very understanding and not yelling at him. I did make it very clear however that I was not happy with having to bring my brand-new truck in twice now for check engine lights, and system failure warnings. He was understanding also. So far I have not had any more issues, but I have not been using the APP at all. I will wait a bit and see how everyone on here fares with the new update before I go back.
  8. Ok cool, is it glued or are there plastic retaining clips?
  9. Looks awesome! Was it just a matter of removing the plastic cover up above and reaching in to get to it?
  10. So, here's the deal. I got a killer deal on a '19 LT All-Star Edition which had basically everything I wanted without having to get an LTZ, but it does not have a powered passenger seat. It's got the cloth bench seat with the fold-down center console, and heat on both sides. Well, my wife hates the passenger seat. It was too low for her so I raised it with a product from Seating Solutions that I found on Ebay. That helped but she wants lumbar, 8-way adjustable and all that. So, my question is can I get a passenger seat from an LTZ model and bolt it in? Having raised mine, it's only 4 bo
  11. That’s what they’re telling me. And, When GM has an official recall or service bulletin to address this issue, I’ll have to bring the truck back in to have the module updated.
  12. OK they called from the dealer. Just like they've been telling all you guys it's a software issue related to using the OnStar App. GM is working on it and they are currently re-calibrating my truck and clearing the codes. If it holds for 30 mins without throwing any new codes they will release the truck to me, otherwise they'll give me a loaner. Heading there in a few mins, hopefully I can take her home. He said not to use the app at all until they are notified by GM that the issue has been resolved.
  13. Ok just dropped it at the dealer. We’ll see what they say. My CEL was still on so that was good for them to pull codes. I had to raise a little hell to get them to give me a loaner later today if I need it. Haven’t had the mushy brakes since but I’m avoiding using the app until this gets resolved. The shuttle guy mentioned that a lot of folks have had this issue in the past week. Fingers crossed GM gets a fix for it soon!
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