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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all, I am wanting to get my truck out on some trails and set up more for Overlanding. To protect my investment on this truck I am looking to add underbody protection and some side protection. I found a post a little while back with all the GM part numbers for all the skid plates. I can't seem to find that now and was hoping somebody would have a copy. I am also looking for Rock Sliders. I for the life of me cannot find a company that makes them for my truck. I want wheel to wheel sliders, no need for steps but if the sliders stuck out far enough to be steps then thats a plus. I just don't want anything that will get stuck on a rock or stump because it sticks out. I have a 2017 Sierra 1500 Double Cab Regular Box (6'6).
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here, apologize for any posting errors in advance. Just picked up a CPO 2017 Sierra 1500 earlier this month after trading in my 2013 1500. Paint is in very good condition as it only had 12,xxx miles when I bought it so looks like the miles were gentle. I want t keep it looking as good as it does now and I keep seeing posts on social media about ceramic coatings. I really know nothing about it so wanted to hear from those who do. How long does it last, how do you wash it once applied, about what should I pay for a service like that, does the surface feel like there is wax on it or does it feel like bare metal? Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Well, what I had feared since the day I had my Xpel paint protection film applied happened this morning. Going down the highway, a truck kicks up a rock. It happens in slow motion as there is nothing I can do but watch it careen towards me. Thud, it hits the front of the truck. Whew, I was afraid it was going to hit the windshield but thankfully I have Xpel on the entire front of the truck so it will be protected.....nope. A you can see below, the rock caught the edge of the film and the film just tore away. Mostly I'm truly frustrated because of how the film doesn't wrap the edges of the panels and even comes up short of the edges a bit. I questioned this after the install and my installer said that was the way it was because that's how the patterns are cut. I just knew this would happen at some point and sure enough....boom. I'm also not too happy with how easily the film tore. I get that it's a think film but it shouldn't peel back like that. I know, I'm ranting and complaining and blah blah but after dropping $1K to try to protect the tricoat paint, this does irk me a bit. I know many folks out there have used Xpel and it's had held up fine but I just wanted to vent a little and give people something to consider. I guess I'll have to contact the installer or Xpel direct to see what they will do.
  4. What's the point of including the inclination sensors on the Theft Protection Package? My vehicle doesn't have this package, yet i can still see in my instrument cluster the inclination of my vehicle, either facing up, facing down, leaning left, or leaning by right, by the number of degrees. It does use this information as it automatically engages the hill start assist feature if I'm pointed uphill. If the sensors are already there on the vehicle, why does it need more as a part of this package? Anyone know?
  5. GM-Trucks.com Reviews: Husky X-act Contour Floor Liners Written & photographed by: Zane & Josh Merva Product: X-act Contour Front and Back Floor Liners Manufacturer: Husky Liners What it is: Precisely cut floor liner that protects your truck from mud, water, and snow far better than the factory mats. What Husky says it does: “Protection with a flexible comfortable soft feel prevents stains & soiling of your carpeted areas. Increases your vehicle's resale value. Form-fit Edge™ patented design gives your floor liner a finished look while keeping damaging spills off your doorsill and carpet. Tough & Durable patented rubberized material is resistant to most chemicals and minimizes cargo shifting.” Cost: $99.95 each [front and rear sold separately] Tested On: 2014 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 2011 Sierra 1500 Extended Cab Introduction It’s inevitable, the dirtiest part of your truck’s interior is where you put your feet. Even if your truck came with carpeted floor mats or you splurged for factory rubber mats, they are never big enough and don’t provide enough protection. Do you really want to have to worry about getting your truck’s carpet dirty? Neither do we. So, we recently tried out a new set of exact fit Husky Floor Liners. The X-act Contour line is Husky's premium liner/floor mat replacement. Unlike floor mats, these liners are exactly cut to fit perfectly into your truck. Husky Liners manufactures the X-act Contour Floor Liner to offer the most protection possible for your truck’s footwell. They are custom fit and extend to cover a sizably larger area than stock mats. We test fit two complete sets of X-act Contour Floor Liners on both a brand new 2014 Silverado Crew Cab and our 2011 GMC Sierra Extended Cab. The stock rubber floor mats on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado are rugged and durable but don’t cover as much carpeting as they should. New Hampshire winters bring lots and lots of snow, sand, and salt. Even with only 15,000 miles, the extra cost carpeted mats on our 2011 Project Sierra have gotten dirty quickly and are starting to look worn down. Unboxing Here’s how our X-act Contour liners arrived. Husky makes both front and rear floor liners. Each comes in their own box. Each generation of GM truck has their own custom set of liners so make sure to match up the right part number for your correct year, model, and cab size. The liners are packaged securely and are easy to quickly unbox. The cardboard box they came in reminded us of pizza boxes and kind of made us hungry. Now away from their packaging, this front and rear 2014 Crew Cab set is impressive. They have a high-quality look and feel. First impressions are that these liners are heavy duty, durable, and strong. Up close, we see the liners are made of a slightly smooth, non-stick like, rubber. It helps water, dirt, and snow to slide right off. The surface is slightly slick when wet as a result. Fitment in the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Installing these floor liners shouldn't require too much explanation. They fit perfectly into the new snap lock design, and cover a much larger area. No cutting or modification was required. A comparison shot in the 2014 Silverado shows just how much bigger the Husky liners are over the factory rubber mats.. The Husky Liners are nearly twice the size! Husky’s rear floor liners offer even more protection. The 2014 factory rubber mat, sitting on top, is small with no center protection. Fitment in the 2011 GMC Sierra We found the the fit in our 2011 wasn't quite as perfect as in the 2014 but we are still very happy with the result. The passenger side liner on our Sierra is large and built to hold a lot of stuff that may fall off your feet. Husky X-Act Contour Rear Liner protects your truck’s floor carpeting door to door, unlike the factory mats. Here’s our extended cab with the rear seat folded up. How well do they work? We found even if your feet are covered in snow,you don’t have to worry. The Husky Liners are large enough catch everything that fell off our boots. The channeled design holds and traps a lot of water, dirt, mud, and debris, even after it melts. We tried our hardest to knock off as much snow as wildly as we could but the Husky liners kept everything contained. We then tried to over-load our feet with slush and slop but the Husky’s caught it all, too. Conclusion If you never want to worry about tracking weather inside your truck again, the Husky X-Act Contour Liners are the answer. These high-quality floor liners offer the protection your truck deserves and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. We've tested these mats for the last month during the middle of winter in New Hampshire and they've done nothing but impress. Gone are the days of asking passengers to knock off their boots! Jumping into our truck has become a no worry situation, no matter how messy our feet have become. We would highly recommend Husky X-act fit liners. Editor's Note: This product was provided at no cost for the purposes of a review. We only publish our honest opinions and give no consideration for the gratis product.
  6. I purchased some door edge protection for my 2018 GMC Sierra (Crew / Std Box / 5.3 / 8 Speed) and I was very impressed! I think the finish looks OEM and installation was very easy, only took about 45 minutes (taking my time). I'm hoping they stay on, time will tell, but first impressions are that they look great. I got them on amazon and came as a 32' roll, enough to do the 1 edge of the front doors and 3 edges of the rear doors since there are no corners to break it up. Just wanted to throw it out there so others could do it too, but I think only black would look good. The finish is similar to the door seals, so it blends right in while adding protection! Amazon Link
  7. Has anyone got their vehicle coated with Feynlab self healing lite? Thinking about having my truck done, but the product is new and i'm having difficulty finding customer reviews.
  8. Getting a good amount of rock chips on my truck. Should have had it protected when it was new, but hindsight is 20/20. Looking for pics of the AVS Aeroskin. Ive seen a few pics on here but mainly wanting to check out the color matched versions. Especially summit white if anyone has it. Also has anyone ordered precut clear film for the front bumper with any luck? Ill most likely have to have my entire bumper repainted or the big chips professionally filled before installing.
  9. My company already makes these bumper covers with a paint film that you apply to your bumpers to cover chrome and damage, so these are just those that we sprayed with a bed liner. The covers themselves already protect your bumper from light damage, so the bed-liner would just allow them to handle a little more of a beating. Are these the most hideous things you've ever seen, or are they alright? My thought is that you could just put these on instead of having to ruin your whole bumper to get this look. Just fishing to see if anyone even likes these before we start moving forward with them. Thanks for your help!
  10. Christopher Hawkins Community Manager, GM-Trucks.com 3/30/2015 Product: X02 bed coating kit Manufacturer: Scorpion Coatings What it is: Premium professional quality spray-in bed liner that can be done by a professional or at home What Scorpion says it does: “Our bed liner for trucks system is composed of the highest quality polyurethanes that keeps your truck bed looking new for years to come. This tough, virtually impenetrable polyurethane resists both moisture and rust, unlike many other “drop in” bedliners. By using a drop-in, moisture and rust can get into the smallest of cracks and the tiniest of holes, rendering you bedliner useless within a short period of time. Not with Scorpion Coatings. We understand the pride our customer take in their truck beds and we know what it means to keep your truck looking new for years to come.” Cost: $199 for a 2 gallon kit with gun and hopper Tested On 2004 GMC Sierra Extended Cab/Standard Bed I recently had a chance to install and test the Scorpion X02 spray-in bed liner. I wanted a cheaper DIY alternative to Rhino or Line-X without using a roll-on or spray can. I first found Scorpion while at the SEMA Show in 2013. I drifted into their booth and had a lengthy conversation with one of their representatives. The product looked great on samples and a completely covered Hummer H1. It got my attention because it was a lower cost alternative to Line-X and Rhino but still gave the look of being a spray-on. The X02 bed coating is also an alternative to a drop-in plastic liner. It is easy to spray in and the provided gun is essentially a modified drywall texture gun. It can be color matched to your truck or virtually any color you want. Kit Unboxed The kit that I got is the standard black color but I opted to get the additional red metal flake added in. I did all the prep work myself and a friend of mine who is a retired plasterer did the spraying of the liner in my own garage. Install Process The install was fairly easy. If you are somewhat handy and have repainted anything around the house, then you can do this. A friend and I did this in my garage. If you do not feel as comfortable, there are dedicated professionals that can be located online using Scorpion's website. 1. Sand the clear coat 2. Mask the bed and tailgate and cover the truck 3. Spray adhesion promoter 4. Spray liner Scorpion’s liner builds upon itself. This allows it to be sprayed as thick as you want it. The standard 2 gallon kit will spray on thicker than Line-X. It is actually tackier than the Line-X liners I have used. Once I place something in the bed, the tackiness of the Scorpion X02 holds it in place. During the install, the factory drain holes were retained unlike a drop-in liner. Because the X02 is acrylic reinforced polyurethane, it has held up to the California sun and 3 to 4 drive through car washes every week. It is still as black as when it was sprayed and the metal flake has held up. One gallon of acetone did spill in the tailgate and did not have any ill effect on the liner. How well does it work? So far the only items I have hauled with the bed liner are lumber, groceries, and an old water heater. The bed liner has held up excellent to what I have thrown in it. The water heater had some sharp metal edges and even dug in a bit, but still didn’t harm the liner. The water heater rolled in the bed but did not slide. The grip works great for holding items in place. As for groceries, I've thrown cases of water and soda in the bed and they stayed put for the drive home. Finished In use Conclusion If you don’t like the cost of a Line-X or Rhino and a drop in liner just won't do, the Scorpion X02 Kit is the answer. It looks amazing, has just enough grip that nothing slides, and was done in just one afternoon in my own garage. Going forward, I will use this in any truck I get.
  11. Reviewed: Canine Covers Custom Rear & CoverAll Seat Protection By: Zane & Josh Merva GM-Trucks.com Copyright 2015 Products Canine Covers Website Canine Covers Custom Rear Seat Cover: $366 Canine Covers CoverAll Seat Protector: $114 Tested On 2011 GMC Sierra Extended Cab Introduction The ability to bring your best friend along with you in your truck is priceless. However, every dog owner knows that our four legged friends make a mess wherever they go. Our dogs, Tucker and Sam, love hiking in the woods and always get muddy in the process. It’s been a battle to keep the back seat of our Sierra clean. Our first solution was to lay down a combination of old rugs and towels to protect the leather seats. No matter how many we used they never stayed in place and dirt always made its way onto the seat. We obsess over keeping our Sierra’s interior clean, so eventually we had had enough. Wet seats every time we took the dogs hiking wasn’t an option anymore. We knew there had to be a better way of keeping our truck like new without leaving our dogs at home. Thankfully we found Canine Covers. They produce custom fit padded seat covers for dog owners. Canine Covers offers a selection of choices for dog owners to protect their vehicle. We were interested in a full seat cover that protects the rear seat bottom and back. Canine Covers does that one better and offers a custom fit rear seat cover and an optional extension that protects the floor and front seat-backs. Installation The Canine Covers Custom Rear / CoverAll products were custom made to fit our 2011 GMC Sierra Extended cab. Installing and using the covers is straightforward. The seat covers attach around the rear seats and utilize velcro and foam anchors to stay in place. The CoverAll attaches around the front seat headrests and also uses foam anchors that when stuffed into the front seat storage pockets keep everything in place. The first time installing the covers was intuitive and took only a couple minutes. After we became more familiar with the product, we could install or remove the cover in under one minute. First Impressions Before we even loaded the dogs up for the first time, it was obvious our Canine Cover was a superior solution to towels and rugs. The entire seat bottom and back is now fully covered and protected. The Custom Rear cover is snug and covers every inch of the rear seat that our dogs can touch. The Polycotton fabric is tough and waterproof but still comfortable. The underside is rubberized so the cover won’t slip. Even Tucker’s powerful jump into the extended cab doesn't move the cover out of place. We really like that the cover is padded, making any trip in the rear seat very comfortable for our dogs or for passengers. We really appreciated that the Custom Rear cover has velcro flaps that allow normal usage of the seat-belts without removing the entire cover. A 60/40 velcro split also means you can flip up one side of your seat and keep the other side covered. The CoverAll isnt required, but is an added layer of protection. Where the seat cover stops, the coverall picks up covering the floor and the seat backs. It also partially acts as a barrier keeping the dogs from coming into the front compartment. While it would never stop a dog in an accident it did keep them contained through braking and turns. Conclusion We’ve been using the Canine Covers for a few months now and we’re impressed. The two covers have been a lifesaver to our Sierra’s interior over the wet fall and slushy cold winter. Even through spring mud season, our leather seats will stay good as new. Not a drop of moisture or speck of dirt has touched our Sierra’s leather since our Canine Covers were installed. Maintenance of our covers have been easy. Whenever we see dirt, hair, or grime building up we knock the cover out in our driveway. When it got too dirty we ran it through the washer. Today, after much use and a few wash cycles, our Canine Covers still looks brand new, and so do our rear seats. Spending $500 on seat protectors is a serious purchase but cheaper than the long term damage of hauling around wet dogs. Canine Covers offers Semi-Custom and Economy covers for those on a budget. Dogs love trucks! With Canine Covers, trucks can finally love dogs. Canine Covers is a subsidiary of Covercraft, one of the worlds largest Car Cover manufacturers. Editor's Note: This product was provided at no cost for the purposes of a review. We only publish our honest opinions and give no consideration for the gratis product.
  12. Have a new Sierra on order and chomping at the bit to get it.. While waiting I have read the owners manual over and over and in one section I saw that GM does not recommend an aftermarket paint sealant. Why do you think they say this? I'm on the fence about gettting it and appreciate your advice before I decide. - Alan
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