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  1. The truck is a 2016, and I have not had it to the dealer since it has really started to act up. I figured there would be posts taking the stance of "you're wrong, I'm right." I typically read those replies and just move on, getting into the weeds does nothing more than label you as being that person no one wants to help on the forum. Most everybody here has provided some valuable input, and I appreciate it. I am the type of person that just wants to get it fixed and move forward. On a side note, beautiful day to wash the truck.
  2. The powertrain has been, let's say, not the greatest IMO since buying. Driving down the highway and the shift sounds like someone ran into me. Or the mornings when I put it in reverse and it jolts for a brief second while parked in the garage. Then the constant sound of it searching for gears, or a terrible shake while driving. And yes, I had it at the dealer PRIOR to 65k and they blew it off as an out of round tire. I really don't want GM touching the truck other than a fluid change, and I prefer to not install another GM trans/tc that will certainly fail down the road based on my observations as well as many thousands of other peoples. Oddly, my other vehicle has been driven hard, somehow, zero issues (knock on wood)
  3. Its going to be my only stop at the dealer. If it does not help I'll be replacing the trans and tc elsewhere. The truck is in great shape otherwise, I take good care of it.
  4. Not going to debate who is right or wrong, don't really have the energy. Very true. Thanks
  5. I appreciate the replies though being 7k over a warranty period in my opinion is not weak. That argument to me is the same as saying that a failure of a torque converter at 72k is justifiable, even when service is recommended at 100k. I am one of far to many dealing with this issue, and I am not certain I would buy another GM given their lack support for their faulty powertrain. There was a reason they lowered the powertrain mileage warranty from 100k to 65k, this is it. Pay half to keep me as a loyal customer, I'm sorry, thats a half-ditched effort for someone who is being labeled as a valuable customer. Pay half because it is a wide spread problem. And yes, I know, buyer beware. I read that as buyer buys elsewhere. None-the-less, I do appreciate the replies, it helped the decision making process.
  6. Does GM ever meet you in the middle when a claim is made for something right outside of the warranty period? My torque converter is quickly on the outs and I am at 72k, warranty ran out at 65k. Regardless, the truck does not pull anything and at most has hauled a lawn tractor in the bed. I dont want to hee-haw around with them, even though there are plenty of claims with faulty powertrain components, if it's doing nothing more than getting me upset. There is no way it should have failed already. Is it worth asking GM to look at it? Thanks.
  7. The local mechanic, who I trust, said I should see if GM will do anything even though its out of warranty by 7k. His concern is that if he touches it and then they actually make right on the issue due to a class action lawsuit, that I would get nothing. I appreciate him looking out. He did say he could install a new trans and torque converter for a price I felt was fair and it would be guaranteed for life. It really has me tempted to get it fixed by him and move on.
  8. My 2016 5.3l with 72,000 miles has developed a shuddering as I drive. If I start from a stop and accelerate normally, the truck will shudder and vibrate throughout the truck. It will vibrate the steering wheel as well. I am guessing it is a bad torque converter but am wondering what others think. Once I am at cruise speed (60mph) it is is intermittent, and flares up more when giving it normal throttle. I bought a third party extended warranty at purchase but have no idea how to use it. My friend had his 2015 silverados converter replaced last year and the dealer charged him 4k, which sounds ridiculous.
  9. It's actually called Red Hot if I recall. I can say it is very red...lol. Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated.
  10. I find the red easy to keep looking good. Most people that make a snarky comment are people who think the truck should be all black, which is not what I wanted. The deal on the truck was just to good to pass on and I liked the look as well. I changed and added a few things to make it mine and enjoy it each day I drive it. I decided leave it home more, I put 40k miles on in year one, I didnt like that so I drive something else daily now.
  11. They are factory, they also make a variation where the wheel is black and the inserts are chrome. All-in-all, Chevy did a great job with this wheel design. I get compliments all the time with this truck, and a few negative comments on the color which I am good with as well, its mine, and I like how its turned out.
  12. Looks good, though black is a full time job to keep clean, but you do it well.
  13. Finally cleaned off the pollen and treated the tires, can't park in the garage due to the new driveway curing. May also be the first post since installing the new nerf bars last fall. Was going to buff it but after washing it, I think it's good as is.
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