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  1. Perhaps heat it with a heat gun slowly and put it where you want it. I used to toss my liners in the driveway on a hot day and then into my Infiniti and all was well.
  2. 22 inch tires

    Totally disagree. I can get a 22" tire with plenty of side lug, road hum one could want. Just go with a taller tire, if you can fit it.
  3. 22 inch tires

    I have 285/45/22 on mine with a leveling kit. Without it, that's all your likely going to fit. I am running Nitto Terra Grapplers. If you want something aggressive I recommend the Ridge Grapplers, but you will need a leveling kit in order to go bigger.
  4. Nice try...

    I guess his/her IP was not blocked by the forum...fail. LOL Sorry, had to point it out.
  5. My truck did this recently , with the added steering wheel kickback almost breaking my wrist the first time, otherwise the symptoms were the same. It was the G218 (I think) that had material pinched between nut and framing, half the contact point was covered. This and a loose negative battery terminal. I fixed it myself in about 15 minutes. No issues since, knock on wood.
  6. Worst day ever

    Did that a few months back, curbed one of my 22" Denali wheels on a tight turn on the curb. Yes, it bummed me out for about 10 minutes. Life goes on, it adds character, and the truck still does me well and gets plenty of compliments. Life is too short to frown over that. A wheel place will fix that for about 120 in my area.
  7. Speakers in the bed

    I would agree. My son owns one of these and it sound great. We use it for everything outside. 36 hour battery life, plenty loud enough (75w), water resistant, and can charge your device while in use. http://mymonsteraudio.com/mini2.html
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    You nailed it as far as I am concerned, the truck is beautiful.
  9. Speakers in the bed

    And the price just keeps climbing...rofl. For what it's worth, yes, you can find a solid amp capable of pushing 600w and then some for $200 or less. Not everything needs to be audiophile quality. My $500 in additions on top of my Bose factory setup gets plenty of thumbs-up, has more than enough power when cruising down the highway with all the windows open doing 70, and is unnoticeable to most who look for it in the truck. And not a single Kicker piece of equipment.
  10. Wax/Polish on plastic..

    Use the right tool for the job. I had the same thing when I spent 2 days detailing the truck. Even after taping I still had residue get on the tailgate handle. I had this in my box of detailing must-haves. Worked like a champ, removed the white residue, and left a nice finish on the handle. Magic Erasers work for alot of things, though I have read stories where it caused issues with finishes, I personally dont use them for any related to detailing. http://www.mothers.com/02_products/06141.html#&slider1=17
  11. Speakers in the bed

    For $1300 a pair they better sound unbelievable, Then you need at least another $200 for an amp...smh. For that kind of money I would upgrade the cab sound and simply turn it up when tailgating. They also make pods you can mount your own speakers into, giving you options.
  12. Leveling Kit Rake

    Am I missing something, a leveling kit makes it level all the way around, mine is.
  13. Speakers in the bed

    Kicker makes these for marine applications. I seen them mounted in a bed once. I also seen speakers mounted in undercover swing cases. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-UJDtERnylBo/p_20612KMTES/Kicker-KMTES-Black.html?XVINQ=GLX&awkw=75645814945&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=47722424905&awdv=m&awug=9008090&gclid=CjwKEAjwlujnBRDl2teOp_veulQSJAC5bHgt9Z9K6y8h0F5EAVlAKOLvfhdQS_CPrw2F4F8pRBsRcxoCG-zw_wcB
  14. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Love the stance, and it looks very clean. Way to do it right!
  15. Subs with stock radio?

    I bought the amp and sub from Amazon. The box was purchased through subthump.com

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