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  1. Good to know. My Terra Grapplers are pretty quiet. I run highway mainly, 25-30k per year. This may be my next set of tires in the Spring. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.
  2. Appreciate your feedback. I also wanted to ask if you noticed any reduction in mpg. Also, how is the road noise, I heard they create a fair amount. They look great on your truck. I am also looking for something cheaper than the G2s. But I would buy them again, given the life I got out of this current set.
  3. Those look good. How do they perform in the rain? I have G2s on, I like them though they can sometimes not have great rain traction. I put then on at 31.5k and am now at 100.5k, and still have plenty of tread.
  4. White is my favorite paint color, and red would never have been my first choice or even third, lol, but I found it to look good with the black trim.
  5. Posted this a long time ago, still looks the same except it is need of a good detail to clean it up, which i can do easy enough.
  6. Those tires look good, I have Nitto Terra Grappler G2's with 70k on them and still plenty of tread. Surprised how well they are wearing. I have the same wheels on my truck, except black inserts.
  7. Good looking truck, what is the replacement? Also, are those tires bigger than stock?
  8. Now that you mention that, they did do a software flash on that when I went in to have an alignment. I doubt the dealer will want to cover any part of it, I have 97k miles on the truck which is a 2016. Anyone know the cost to replace? I will take it to a local trusted mechanic to repair. I also realized today I don't have A/C, guessing the typical condenser failure, but will have him look at that as well. I appreciate you all sharing what you know.
  9. Recently when at slow speeds, almost stopped, I notice the brake pedal will get really hard to press, and will only go down a small distance. The truck will stop but its not a quick stop by no means. Happened backing up to park the other day. Happened today while at a red light. Drifted front, went to hit the brake and had to REALLY hit the brake to get it to stop. Anyone else experience during their truck ownership? Thanks.
  10. Found this pic of my truck recently I forgot I took after a quick wash. Thinking I may have posted before, but still looks the same.
  11. My truck will vibrate sometimes where u can see the console moving 1/4" back and forth, even the passenger seat will shake. It really pisses me off considering how much the truck cost. Truth be told I feel like I am driving a pos most times because of the issue and lack of knowing how to fix it. Pretty disappointing... It baffles me that GM has not been able to tell their customers what the issue is and what the fix is.
  12. When everyone refers to shudder, what exactly do u mean? My truck will sometimes shake inside, possibly called shutter, and the console will shake back and forth. At 75k or so the trans made a clanging sound while driving like the converter had rocks in it. Dealer changed out the fluid and that noise disappeared but I always had the shake like an out of balance driveshaft or something. Local mechanic said he would change trans and converter. I am unsure what to say...
  13. I am still confused about being in Manual 1 and what the truck should do to save itself. I now know it won't auto shift but should fall flat on its face. When I noticed it the tach was pegged. I checked the oil and everything looked good. It was a fresh change but I changed it just do to be safe, May not mean anything but I figured it could not hurt.
  14. OMG, that comment had me cracking up. My music likely didn't help it but I didn't have it cranked up though at the time, was not on the highway yet, lol. I do have a 600w Rockford Fosgate Amp and 10" Sub under the seat for those long ass rides.
  15. The time I did it I was moving. Was in a loud construction zone in slow n go traffic. I noticed my gas pedal felt odd, looked down and the tach was at 6k. I quickly got off gas and shifted into drive when I realized. I obviously shifted it one click down to far when putting it in gear. Wish there was a way to not go into manual so easily. But at least the truck has safe guards.
  16. So if I understand properly, it won't auto shift but it will still rev limit and perform the safety functions to prevent damage? Interesting... My other car when in manual mode is all on the user doing what is necessary.
  17. So does this happen even when in Manual Mode? I know previously I was in M1 and didn't realize and the tach was pretty high. Luckily I realized it in short order but it definitely raised an eyebrow, lol. Thanks for answering, much appreciated.
  18. I was wondering if my 2016 Silverado has a rev limiter? If so, does it apply when in manual. Someone asked me recently and I had no clue, so I am just curious now. Thanks!
  19. I have a 2016 Silverado with 90k on it. When should the timing chain be replaced? I don't see it on the maintenance schedule, perhaps I just don't see it. Thanks for the help!
  20. The truck is a 2016, and I have not had it to the dealer since it has really started to act up. I figured there would be posts taking the stance of "you're wrong, I'm right." I typically read those replies and just move on, getting into the weeds does nothing more than label you as being that person no one wants to help on the forum. Most everybody here has provided some valuable input, and I appreciate it. I am the type of person that just wants to get it fixed and move forward. On a side note, beautiful day to wash the truck.
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