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  1. I will take “tunes do not make vehicles catch fire” for $500 Alex Ryan B.
  2. Not bad for a weekend (this was one day) or traveling for baseball games Ryan B.
  3. It does. They state that because they haven’t gotten them working on all the 6.2 trucks yet. There were/are some issues but I lucked out and ordered and they said if it doesn’t work they would take back. No issues with mine. Ryan B.
  4. I have this on my 6.2. Same device though. It deactivates DFM and auto stop/start. The auto stop device one turns off the stop start feature. Ryan B.
  5. I have the same one and haven’t noticed any noises. Do you have the O ring installed on the can where it screws together? Probably but just another idea [emoji2373] Ryan B.
  6. They make good car tires [emoji16]really like my super car 3s Ryan B.
  7. Public We were the first school district in the state to shutdown and first to start back. News media blew a story out of proportion. A teacher at one of the schools who didn’t even come back for anything yet tested positive. No contact with any buildings or people yet the media tried to spin it [emoji35]. Ryan B.
  8. If you pay for onstar of which I don’t Ryan B.
  9. Not sure why they only come in 4 pks [emoji35] Ryan B.
  10. Glad your ok. Super shocked they had no license or insurance [emoji849] Hopefully insurance doesn’t make you rush into a new truck. Maybe open your search area. Might be worth renting a car or a plane ride to go get a new one Ryan B.
  11. Yea pretty much normal. The only big changes are the desks being spread out and having to wear masks ( it they do get mask breaks). No back to school bash this year teachers are doing a meet the teacher via zoom. Also no parents can be in the school (volunteer, lunch, etc). I guess my $15 background check was a waste I should ask for a refund [emoji16] Ryan B.
  12. School started here Wednesday Ryan B.
  13. Our governor (Indiana) signed an executive order requiring masks indoors (so I have to wear one in my office all day now) and outdoors when you can’t socially distance (short summary). Well this went into effect at midnight this past Monday Monday evening the governor attended a retirement party in which no one wore masks. [emoji849] #doasisaynotasido [emoji35] Ryan B.
  14. No tracking since I changed the oil only street driving. I have an event in September (road course). This car is made for turns Ryan B.
  15. I changed the oil in my Camaro last October. I am at like 25% on the OLM and not sure the milage but it’s probably 500ish miles since then. Lots of shorter trips. I plan to change once I hit 3k miles and do an oil analysis to see if things are really degrading as much as the OLM is showing. Ryan B.
  16. Not mine but look up streetspeed717 on YouTube Ryan B.
  17. G2, I have used this kit previously on a Silverado and Camaro. Very good kit I also cleared over with high temp clear Ryan B.
  18. Painted my calipers, recoated (ceramic) my wheels, and replaced the center caps (gold to black) Ryan B.
  19. Yesterday made it out to cars and coffee. Fun event my buddy had his new C8 out (Zeus bronze). 4 in total were out there. My fav was the blue square body truck Ryan B.
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