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  1. Pretty sure 2023 was the same. They dropped the V8 after 2022's.
  2. I've used McGaughys on two different trucks but nothing that new, I see no reason why you shouldn't use them on yours.
  3. Taking the intake off will do nothing. The only way oil will get into that cylinder is from oil getting past the piston rings, past the valve seals or if there is oil pooled up in the bottom of the intake manifold itself. You can stick your hand inside the intake with it still on the truck to feel if there is a pool of oil sitting in the back of the intake. That oil would be from the PCV system, which is very common to see. A 2012 should already have the updated drivers side valve cover design but a catch can could help capture the oil vapors. Honestly not much you can do. Seeing oil on a spark plug is just what happens to these engines. If you did a AFM/DoD delete and re-honed the cylinders with new rings, that would likely stop all oil consumption problems.
  4. Wonder if just the block is the same. Could swap over all the top end parts and front end parts if they are.
  5. You are kinda limited on what you can do. 315/60's are basically a 35in tire that is 12.5 wide. You could switch to a 35x11.5 tire to lose width or you can go down to a 34in tire with a 295/60/20. You will lose height and width which will give better clearance.
  6. What size is on it currently? I ask because it's not always about tire size. A smaller tire can still rub if the offset of the rim is what is causing the tires to rub.
  7. CamGTP

    Gas Prices

    Still about $3.99ish here. Still payed $2.19 for E85 a few days ago.
  8. The GEN 5 engines don't have that valve cover issue as far as I know. I'd be pulling spark plugs, see what plugs look darker than others. You'll be able to tell what ones are burning oil that way.
  9. I have a weather tech bug deflector, it uses push pins or whatever from the bottom side. Been on the truck for 5 years now, no issues at all. It's never going to a perfect fit but it works just fine. Just never grab the deflector when you close the hood, I just grab the hook in the center and give a good yank to close the hood.
  10. Completely normal. 25-35 psi at idle depending on engine temp is just fine. Cold pressure will obviously be higher and usually so will pressure while under load.
  11. No, that wouldn't have made any difference. That probably less than 5% of his total driving pulling a few thousand pounds wouldn't have hurt his transmission. The torque converter failures that lead to other issues would have happened regardless.
  12. To be nice here, it's nearly impossible for us to diagnose a problem we can't hear for ourselves. Probably best to take it back to the shop that did the work and just ask them about it. Maybe something is loose and causing the noise.
  13. Did you even read your first post? You literally posted nothing other than some words about stabilitrak. You didn't even post a solution or the way around it.
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