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  1. Excellent info! Thank you ? I was aware the difference between mag ride and the dampening adjustment of today but didn't take into consideration the tire size/weight being so critical. Again thanks for the input!
  2. I will definitely try out the air pressure changes along with the rotation! And a reputable shop in town did the lift install. I will ask and be sure they did this but I have no doubt as they've done a lot of these installs (not specifically Denali but same principle) the truck was brought in about a week after install to retorque everything also ? and to add to the bushing idea, with the adaptive ride, I feel as though even IF the bolts were torqued on the lift and broke down over time, the adaptive ride would automatically compensate for the "looser" travel and adjust as so to maintain fac
  3. Understood, as far as air pressure. This has been the same pressure since the install. Practically zero wear and tires rotated every oil change. Entire front end gone thru and inspected with virtually no wear. Alignment was to BDS specs which is identical to stock, as this suspension system drops the entire diff/steering which maintains exact factory steering/suspension geometry. Honestly couldn't even tell the truck was lifted when driving after the install. Going down a rough road while hanging out the window, the tire is bouncing up and down very similarly to bad shocks/struts on any o
  4. Thanks for the reply! The tires were installed at the same time as the lift. They're 35x12.50-22 ridge grapplers on stock Denali wheels. Tire psi is 33lbs give or take a couple.
  5. Hi guys, as the title says, 2019 Denali lifted with a BDS 6" made for the adaptive ride. Truck rode exactly the same as stock for about the first 10k miles. Now it rides as if the shocks aren't working at all, front tires are bouncing all over the place on bumps and bridge abutments send the truck all over the road. Truck has been completely gone thru as far as re torquing bolts, even replaced the front struts (not cheap) with no improvement. Dealership is useless and want nothing to do with it so I figured I'd ask here. Buying new sensors for the adaptive ride now to try that. No lights on
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