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  1. Pretty hard to attribute that issue to a failed DFM lifter. Given it wouldn't start after all the racket he described, I would suspect it was something a little more dramatic.
  2. My AT4 came with Duratracs. I like the tire off road and seems to be doing well on the ice/snow we have had so far. They are freaking loud and as new as they are now, I know they will be REALLY loud at 20K miles. I am too cheap to replace them until they are worn out but definitely am not looking forward to the deafening din to come.
  3. If Idle Hours are not included in Total Hours, somebody at GM is functionally illiterate.
  4. My Sierra 6.2L 1/2 Ton AT4 is my third vehicle (least used). It has sat for a couple of weeks a couple of times since I bought it. It is pretty cold here as well, never failed to start. I would seek out a new dealer for maintenance.
  5. I was referring to a link of a report of DFM lifter failures on the "non-DFM" engines.
  6. I used a fish tape I had laying around and sent it up from the bottom the route I wanted it to follow, taped the cable run I wanted to pull back down to the end of the tape and pulled it through. You can buy them for under $10, it doesn't need to be super long.
  7. I had intended to buy a Backflip MX, but found something a little less expensive and given its many good reviews, thought I would give it a shot. It took about 30 minutes to install and it keeps the weather out just fine, but clearly is not as nice looking as the BF MX. I have used my bed quite a bit since installing the Gator SFX and it is super simple to fold it up and roll it back out when I am done with hauling whatever. https://realtruck.com/p/gator-sfx-tri-fold-tonneau-cover/v/gmc/sierra-1500/2021/
  8. Personally, if my dealer couldn't diagnose it, I would find another shop. Parasitic drain can be challenging to nail down, but a competent shop will find it.
  9. GM built some 21's without DFM (turned on), it was reportedly due to the chip shortage. Your Monroney window sticker calls it out.
  10. Certainly couldn't hurt to take it to a trusted shop and have them check the alignment.
  11. Sounds like they eliminated the transmission as a possible source of the noise. If you have another dealership within reasonable driving distance (could be a Chevy dealer just as well), maybe take it to them and tell them what has been done so far, maybe they have someone on staff that has seen a similar problem before. If they get it right away, maybe consider switching dealers for work going forward.
  12. You can buy a cheap (like $20) scanner that plugs into your ODB II port and will connect to a smart phone and a free app, that will read engine codes. If the condition that turned on your CEL set a code, it likely will be there.
  13. Hope you can get it working OP. I have one on my '21 AT4 and absolutely love it. I actually don't use it to climb into the bed as I have found the helper bar and the side steps work better for me, but I use the multifunction gate fully folded down as a bench when putting my hiking boots and snow shoes on. Just this morning we had a hike on one of our favorite trails that was very icy and snowy. We had our micro-spikes on our boots, so just put them in the bed until we got to the trail head. Super easy putting our boots on, sitting on the lower step fold out section, real easy to reach the laces.
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