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  1. Settle down fellas. I’m in my yuke till Jesus comes back. I don’t plan on dying I going flying.
  2. yup, I wish I could find the end of the rainbow. I worked on Army helicopters most of my adult life.... In the air you fly through the rainbows, dad-gummit...
  3. So GB ur sAying even withBlackBear the shift points will hunt??? I’m seriously considering BB tune dang it. We talked about V4. To V8 and the 6spd getting to high gear ASAP. But u didn’t mention hunting tranny????
  4. Im gonna drop this pig 3”/4”.
  5. If 0-20w is the issue. What is everyone running in their 5.3’s? Mine in my ‘19 Yukon doesn’t have a 30psi difference. Mine at most has a 10psi difference??? MIne idles at 550 rpm. At speed mine reads 50psi.
  6. The ambient temp causes the engine to heat up a little faster. It might cause the engine operating temp to read a little higher in some places like Iraq or Kuwait. That’s the only relationship. Once the engine is “heat soaked” it might read higher in some climates but just a few degrees. U might or might not see the difference. IMO. But who am i
  7. My Yukon has 47500 miles on clock. I just replaced 6Lxx fluid and filter. I also added HotShot Shift Restore. I’ve been adding HotShot Stiction Eliminator to my oil changes. Adding RedLine Fuel injector cleaner at every 3-4 fill up. Let the hate begin.
  8. I intentionally looked fora Yukon XL without mag-ride. I didn’t even ask anyone. Didn’t even test drive one. I went to standard suspension. Good luck
  9. Adamace1. 45 didn’t pay anyone to not work. Congress, Nancy and chuck did. Get your story straight. Without 45 you’d still be wearing a mask and locked down. 45 was lied to by fauci/ birx about this man made flu. 45 was lied to by the swamp, dimz & ripz. He was forced to do what he did by lying cheating treasonous people in our elected/appointed dc swamp creatures AND a terrified cowardly population. Period. Do you miss him yet?
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