Is This A Future High Performance Silverado ZR2? Maybe or Maybe Not.
Is This A Future High Performance Silverado ZR2? Maybe or Maybe Not.

With hundreds of spy shot photos giving us a close-up look at what might be the 2022 Silverado ZR2 over the last few weeks, we’re seeing nothing to make us excited about Chevy’s much anticipated “performance truck.”

[Warning: This article is pure, unabashed opinion: Start Rant] 

2022 Silverado Prototypes Undergoing Testing
2022 Silverado Prototypes Undergoing Testing

Silverado buyers are currently twiddling their thumbs, watching the Ford Raptor and Ram TRX gobble up performance truck buyers without even working a sweat. It’s infuriating to see high horsepower, highly capable full-size trucks offered by the competition while GM sits around with a proverbial thumb up its a$$.

The potential for a performance-oriented off-road Silverado is immense. Chevrolet even has all the right parts for it sitting on the shelves. A supercharged 650+ horsepower 6.2L engine from the Camaro and Corvette. Super high-tech DSSV shock absorbers from the Colorado ZR2.  My god, just add some wide fender flares and 37-inch tires and Chevrolet has the ability to basically print money.

Potential Silverado ZR2 Shocks
Potential Silverado ZR2 Shocks

But that’s not happening, or at least it doesn’t look like it. Over the past few weeks, we’ve published over one hundred spy photos of a purported Silverado ZR2. [See herehere ]  They’ve all looked promising but have missed the mark in terms of aggressiveness. All we can see is what might look like an upgraded Trail Boss.

Big tires, but not wider. A new front end and bulging hood, but no signs of any higher performance. Upgraded shocks, but nothing that could hold a lamp to the TRX’s massive Bilstein Blackhawk E2 remote reservoir shocks.

Even the exhaust note of this potential ZR2 is lack-luster. Our spy photographer captured a “ZR2” accelerating from a stop recently- just see this video.

Hear anything different from a regular Silverado? Nope, neither do we. No loud exhaust. No supercharger whine.

So what are we looking at, if not a Silverado ZR2? Well, we think it’s becoming more clear that there are two options here:

Option One: It’s A Silverado ZR2 but without the features we want. That means, no widened stance, no 37-inch tires, no supercharger. Not a competitor to the Ram TRX and maybe not even close to the F-150 Raptor. This option means that Chevrolet went super conservative, turning the Silverado ZR2 into a carbon copy of the Colorado ZR2. Upgraded shocks, a slightly different look, but nothing that makes your heart race or even begins to create a “halo truck” for enthusiasts to love.

Option Two: It’s an upgraded Trail Boss. With this theory, the “ZR2” may still be a year away. With the global pandemic, what if the ZR2 was pushed out to 2023? What if this particular test mule is really an upgraded Trail Boss? Now that would make a lot of sense and make us excited at the same time. Upgraded shocks and a slightly more aggressive look could add some serious capability to the Trail Boss Model while still leaving room for a super high-performance ZR2 a model year later.

In the end, we’re not sure what we’re looking at here anymore. Automotive Enthusiast and News websites are sure happy to run with “OMG- it’s a Silverado ZR2!!!” but in the end, we have our doubts and they are growing each and every time new spy shots emerge.

That’s not to say we might be totally wrong. Option one could be our future. And we can’t really be mad at Chevrolet- it’s not like they promised us or you anything. They’ve never teased a high-horsepower Silverado and maybe we’re the a$$holes getting all upset over something that never existed in the first place.

But still, in the bottom of my heart, I wish for a supercharged Silverado. As mentioned above, Chevrolet has some really great engine options currently used in the Camaro and last generation Corvette that would be excellent additions to the Silverado lineup. We don’t even care if it’s in a limited capacity. We’re just tired of watching all of the “other kids” get to have all of the fun. Sigh- Raptor… TRX. Someday….