has learned Chevrolet might be gearing up to add a new “Baja Mode” to the popular Colorado ZR2 in a future model year. We speculate what that might mean and what the feature could actually do.

ZR2 Baja Mode Rumor

The unverified but solid rumor pegs Chevrolet adding some sort of off-road “mode” to the ZR2 in some model year after 2021. While we do not know exactly what “Baja Mode” entails, the name alone lends some clues. Our source was not authorized to share any additional information on what the feature is, when it would go into production, or what it actually does.

As we found out in March, the Colorado ZR2 is already a strong contender in off-road desert racing. Pushing the ZR2 brand in that direction even more strongly is a no brainer.

Rumor Mill: Chevy Colorado ZR2 Will Gain "Baja Mode" - But what is it?
The ZR2 already features super high tech DSSV shock absorbers. What can Baja Mode bring to the table?

But what is Baja Mode?

A “Baja Mode” may be a feature, software or hardware, that adds functionality to a key part of the ZR2. It could also be something minor, or in reality much less functional than it sounds.  Let’s dream up some possibilities.

Baja Mode as a software feature
– Could be a electronically control traction control/stability control based option
– May control the brakes and/or abs for increased traction in certain situations
– May be an information screen in the driver information center or infotainment unit
– Could be a navigation feature or update to infotainment

Baja Mode as a hardware feature
– Advanced locking differentials and/or off-road parts beyond what is already offered
– DSSV alternative or upgrade
– Some sort of adjustable on the fly suspension with air bags or similar
– Bigger sized tires or special featured tires

Baja Mode as a candy land dream
– Advanced four wheel steering
– Some sort of e-motor hybrid for super off-road abilities
– Adjustable shocks that control height and suspension feel

When could the ZR2 get Baja Mode?

No matter what “Baja Mode” ends up being, don’t be surprised if it shows up alongside a major model refresh or right before a major refresh as a preview of what’s to come. Since 2021’s have already hit dealer lots, the feature could show up at the earliest in model year 2022 as a way to keep current generation ZR2 interest high. Or, if in 2023 or 2024, Baja Mode may be part of a redesigned and yet to be introduced Colorado/ZR2 update.

There’s a lot more information on Baja Mode yet to come out. If we hear more, we’ll let you know.