White Automotive & Media Services (WAMS) recently teased a new service they would start offering for 2022+ refreshed trucks. A full digital cluster and steering wheel control upgrade.

The Problem WAMS is Fixing

When Chevrolet and GMC refreshed their Silverado and Sierra 1500 for the 2022.5 model year, they took an interesting approach to the interior. Trim levels LT and above in the Silverado and Elevation and above in the Sierra received a brand new and highly modern cabin with a large screen infotainment system and a massive 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster.  However, WT / Custom level trucks in the Silverado and Pro / SLE trim level trucks on the Sierra would retain the “older style” interior. One that featured only an 8-inch infotainment display, analog gauges, and no steering wheel controls.

Plenty of owners specifically choose a lower-trim level vehicle because it fits their needs better than a more expensive or full-featured variant. That doesn’t mean they don’t want some of the cool features the pricier trucks have, like a fully digital gauge cluster or basic steering wheel controls. But you can’t order either of those features from the factory on lower trim levels, even as an option.

Not A Problem On 2019-2021 Trucks

I dissasembled interior of a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado while undergoing a digital gauge cluster upgrade
 In the middle of the White Automotive Gauge Cluster Upgrade on our 2019 Silverado LTZ

The option to upgrade your gauge cluster and / or add steering wheel controls has been available on 2019-2021 (really 2022.5) trucks for a few years. In fact, we used WAMS to upgrade the cluster on our 2019 Silverado LTZ to a High Country Gauge Cluster a few years back and the process of getting the new equipment from WAMS couldn’t have been more straightforward. We gave WAMS our VIN and they programed a brand new cluster specifically for our truck. After that, it was plug-and-play. Unfortunately, accessing the cluster to remove and replace isn’t a quick job- but we did it in a few hours in our garage with basic tools. Which tools did we need and how did it go? We cover the exact situation if you want to see what it takes.

A Preview Of The Upgrade

But some exciting news for updated 2022.5+ owners was posted on the Company’s Facebook Page recently. WAMS recently showed off a 2022+ GMC Sierra with a 2019-style interior and a 2022+ digital gauge cluster. They even teased the upgrade they’ve been working on in a YouTube Video. Yes, that’s a word truck with a fully digital gauge cluster. It’s wild.

Why A Digital Cluster In A Base Interior Is A Big Deal

Since Chevrolet / GMC would rather you pay to get a higher trim level vehicle than offer things like digital gauge clusters as an option, the ability to add these features yourself after the fact is huge. There’s just one problem. GM’s electronic systems are complex, secure, and not easy to modify. Figuring out how to meld options and features that were not supposed to work together is a daunting task that takes a very smart company. Luckily for us all, WAMS can. Projects like this are their forte.

Check out the WAMS Facebook Page and WAMS Website to stay up to date on when this upgrade will become available and how you can complete it yourself in the near future.