Ever wondered what the quintessential Chevrolet or GMC truck owner might look like through the eyes of cutting-edge AI? Buckle up, because we’ve harnessed the power of OpenAI’s DALL-E to generate renderings that are as entertaining as they are eye-opening—ready to challenge or confirm your notions of GM truck ownership!

How Did We Create These Images?

Dall-E is an image generation AI program created by Open AI, the company that created Chat GPT. We used a Dall-E 3 integration inside Chat GPT to generate these images.

For this exercise, we prompted Dall-E to create a photo-realistic image depicting what it thinks a “typical” GM truck owner might look like. If you’ve never used AI, it’s worth nothing you never know what you might get as a rendering for any given prompt. Also, you can get wildly different images for the same prompt if you enter it twice.

We simply asked Chat GPT to use Dall-E to: “Create a photo-realistic image of what you think the typical Chevrolet Silverado owner looks like” and then modified the prompt again for each different vehicle. Chat GPT then takes its knowledge to create a Dall-E prompt that is fed into and used for the AI image generation. The “description” below each image is the prompt that Chat GPT created for each vehicle.

To make this fun, we prompted Dall-E once and ran with whatever it spit out with no editing. Scroll down below to find the images that Chat GPT and Dall-E created together. Some are funny and some are weird. For some reason, everyone is attractive, very white and the trucks are always just a little off.

But most importantly, remember this is for entertainment purposes only.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Owner

What AI thinks the typical Chevrolet Silverado owner looks like

A middle-aged man with a medium build, wearing a denim shirt, khaki pants, and work boots, standing beside a Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The truck is parked in a suburban driveway, with kids’ toys scattered about. There’s a hint of a construction site in the background, suggesting he might be in a profession related to construction or home improvement. The man holds a coffee mug and has a friendly smile, looking like he’s ready to start his day.

GMC Sierra 1500 Owner

What AI thinks the typical GMC Sierra owner looks like

A man in his early 40s with light skin and short-cropped hair, wearing a tailored suit and polished shoes, standing next to a gleaming GMC Sierra 1500. The backdrop is a modern cityscape with sleek buildings, and he’s holding a high-end leather bag, suggesting he might be in a corporate or managerial role.

Chevrolet Colorado Owner

What AI thinks the typical Chevrolet Colorado owner looks like

A woman in her mid-40s with fair skin and glasses, dressed in outdoor hiking gear, standing beside a Chevrolet Colorado. The setting is a forest trailhead with signposts and tall trees. She’s holding a trail map and has a backpack, highlighting her passion for nature and hiking adventures.

GMC Canyon Owner

What AI thinks the typical GMC Canyon owner looks like

A man in his mid-50s with light skin, salt-and-pepper beard, wearing outdoor fishing gear, standing next to a GMC Canyon. The backdrop is a serene lakeside with a fishing rod and tackle box nearby, emphasizing his love for angling and the outdoors.

Chevrolet Silverado HD Owner

What AI thinks the typical Silverado HD owner looks like

A man in his late 40s with fair skin, wearing a cowboy hat, denim jacket, and rugged jeans, standing next to a Chevrolet Silverado HD. The background showcases a scenic mountain range with a campsite set up, hinting at the truck’s suitability for outdoor adventures and road trips.

GMC Sierra HD Owner

What AI thinks the typical GMC Sierra HD owner looks like

A man in his 40s with dark skin and a muscular build, wearing construction attire – a hard hat, high-visibility vest, and steel-toed boots. He stands next to a GMC Sierra HD at a construction site with blueprints in hand, showcasing it

And for even more fun:
We tried out a few more vehicles. What does AI think a Corvette and F-150 owner looks like? Let’s find out!

Chevrolet Corvette Owner

What AI thinks the typical Corvette owner looks like

A man in his late 50s with salt-and-pepper hair, wearing a leather jacket and aviator sunglasses. He stands confidently next to a gleaming Chevrolet Corvette in an open-air car meet setting, with other sports cars in the background, signifying his passion for performance vehicles.

Ford F-150 Owner

What AI thinks the typical Ford F-150 owner looks like

A cheerful, portly man, with a five o’clock shadow, dressed in a sleeveless shirt and denim shorts, holding a wrench while examining the engine of his Ford F-150, which is pulled over on a dirt road. A ‘honk if you love country music’ bumper sticker is visible on the truck’s rear.

Ok, so maybe we might have had some fun with the F-150 owner prompt….