The past year hasn’t been kind to in-person auto events, but the situation is slowly turning around. Things are finally starting to come back online, and an upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas is an occasion to get excited for. The auction legend is hosting events that span June 17 through the June 19, all of which will feature an amazing array of classic and rare vehicles.

There are the typical auction staples, such as muscle cars and classics, but Barrett-Jackson has quite a bit more crossing its auction block this time around. Assuming you’re not a Corvette or Camaro fan, Chevy trucks are well represented at the upcoming auction. Several vintage and rare recent model trucks are heading to the auction block, including a 1990 454 SS Pickup, which has a recently rebuilt engine and several performance upgrades.

Elsewhere, Barrett-Jackson is giving square body pickups some love, as there are a variety of the lovable vehicles up for auction in Vegas. One of our favorites is a 1986 K10 that is said to be completely stock. The short-bed is powered by a 5,0-liter V8 and a four-speed automatic transmission. Even the interior of the truck looks mint, and a peek under the rubber bed liner mat shows that there hasn’t been much cargo in the K10’s bed over the years.

The Barrett-Jackson auction is taking place over three days in mid-June at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A full schedule is available here, but the big auction events happen daily, and will be televised live on either the fyi channel or History channel. If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of these awesome trucks, grab a ticket and get your wallet ready.