Is this an Ultium Electric Camaro?
Is this an Ultium Electric Camaro?

GM is has slipped three interesting vehicle teases into its newest promotional video for the GMC HUMMER EV and the Ultium battery system. It has us one of them an electric Camaro?

On July 7th, 2021, GMC published the following video to its YouTube Channel. Its title is  “GMC HUMMER EV Pickup | Validating Ultium | GMC”. However, it appears to contain more than just GMC vehicles… as shown by the flashed outlines shown at the end of the short 30-second clip. This is the first promotional video to tease these three vehicles. Take a look.

Almost the entire video is pretty ho-hum. Yes, GM is testing the HUMMER EV. Yes, they are validating the Ultium Battery system in a wide range of conditions. Yes, the engineers love what they do. Yes, we’re excited. Then, just as the video is about to end. BAM… Silhouettes!

But wait.. those are… a crossover? A Truck? A :gasp:… sports car?

The “Pickup” Silhouette

This may be the easiest of the bunch to identify. It’s most likely the all-electric Chevrolet Silverado that GM announced a few months back. Expect Chevrolet to give us more details on the new electric Silverado soon, as Ford already rolled out a ton of details on the new F-150 Lightning recently.

It’s odd that a Silverado’s outline is showing up on a GMC HUMMER EV video, but it’s clear GM is adopting a strategy of pimping out how awesome Ultium is and how it will drive the company forward, so it’s not completely out of line. Frankly, if GM was going to tease future electric vehicles.. it would be even odder to not include the electric Silverado.

The “Crossover” Silhouette

GM Ultium Electric Future Crossover
GM Ultium Electric Future Crossover

This side profile is a little harder to place. It’s not a Bolt or Bolt EUV. It’s also nothing that GM/Chevrolet/GMC/Buick/Cadillac has announced so far, like the HUMMER EV SUV or Cadillac LYRIQ.

Could this be an electric Buick? Maybe another electric Chevrolet? This tease has an Encore or Trax vibe to it.

The “Camaro” Silhouette

Is this an Ultium Electric Camaro?
Is this an Ultium Electric Camaro?

Now, this is the most baffling of the entire bunch. This vehicle has all of the classic Camaro vibes going on. A flat-ish roof, a raked back hatch, and a rear spoiler. It’s the most “sporty” of the three teased vehicles.

It also sure “looks like” a Mustang Mach-E… which leads us to wonder if this is really an electric Camaro. Motor Biscuit even reported on a Camaro SUV rumored to be on the table last year. Then CarBuzz reported that Mark Reuss confirmed an electric sports car was in development.

Whatever it is, it’s certainly sporty. We also know it’s not a Corvette..because well, it just doesn’t look anything like a mid-engine style vehicle. However, we do know a partially electric Corvette is on the way in the future.

So is this a Camaro or is it something else? Only time can tell. But, the quickly teased outline of a vehicle that doesn’t fit anything GM has on the table today is fascinating.