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  1. Premium Package, Midnight Edition, Chevy Performance Exhaust
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  2. On 15 September 2018, we finally replaced my TOTALED 2015 Silverado LTZ Z71, RIP: 01July2018. This album will be to show its original state, and any changes or mods that I have done and plan on doing to it over the course of its “lifetime.” Planned changes/mods (COMPLETED ITEMS/”On-Hand Items” to be Installed): 1. 2x12 BED CARGO DIVIDER (MAR17, from previous truck) 2. PUDDLE LIGHTS ON with DOORS OPEN (GRY1-GRY8 – truck does this already) (SEP18) 3. AM/FM ANTENNA DELETE (SEP18) 4. TOW HITCH BRAKE LIGHT (Bully CR-007A, Tail Light feature REMOVED) (OCT18) 5. FOG LIGHTS ON with HIGH BEAMS (BRN18-BRN10) (NOV18) 6. CARGO LIGHTS ON with REVERSE (PNK26-BRN26) (NOV18) 7. FRAME PLUGS (NOV18) 8. DRIVER’S ASSIST HANDLE (JAN19) 9. CLASSIC BLACK CA LICENSE PLATES (DSRTRVN) (JAN19) 10. REPLACED CARGO/REVERSE LIGHTS WITH BRIGHT WHITE LED (JAN19) 11. REPLACED HIGH-MOUNT BRAKE LIGHT WITH BRIGHT RED LED (JAN19) 12. BED RAIL CAP STAKE HOLE PLUGS (Hand Grabs) (APR19) 13. CB ANTENNA INSTALLED (APR19) 14. CAP FOR FUEL FILL PORT (OCT19) 15. ILLUMINATED BOW TIE (JAN20) 16. GM-TRUCKS FORUM STICKER (MAY21) 17. TONNEAU COVER (MAY21) 18. PHONE HOLDER (MAY21) 19. BULL RING TIE DOWNS (SEP21) 20. 7-PIN TO TAILGATE LIGHT BAR AND TOW HITCH BRAKE LIGHT ADAPTER (OCT21) 21. UNDER SEAT STORAGE (NOV21) 22. BLACKOUT STEERING WHEEL BOWTIE (JAN22) 23. TAILGATE LIGHT BAR (JAN22) 24. PAINTED XM ANTENNA (MAR22) 25. HIDDEN AM/FM ANTENNAS (MAR22) 26. CB ANTENNA RE-INSTALL (MAR22) 27. *4 USB Ports on Back of Center Console (MAR22) 28. *Dash Camera (Front/Back) (MAR22) 29. *Install CB & Scanner (MAR22) 30. *Front Tow Hitch w/ License Plate Holder 31. Black USA Flags on both Rear Door Windows 32. Sport Bar Package 33. Replace Center Console with One That the Cup Holder Moves? 34. Black Lug/Lock Kit 35. Grayout Chrome On Back Bow Tie (Dark Gray Plasti-Dip) 36. Blackout Keyholes 37. Blackout Door/Grill Badges 1. Gray Trim 2. Black “71” 3. Red “Z” 38. Momentary Switches 1. Brakes 2. Reverse 3. Trailer Lights 39. Forward Facing Camera/Mirror System 40. Amber Strobes 41. Floor Liners 42. Swing Out Toolboxes? 43. Mud Flaps ©2022 Ravenkeeper
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