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  1. I had this problem about a year ago with my 06 Tahoe. When it was stuck in 4 low I would take out the fuse ( on left side of dash) for the four wheel drive and wait for a minute or so and it would reset itself. Had the switch replaced but that was not the problem. Took it to the dealer and it turned out to be an actuator. I dont remember but think it was close to 300 bucks to have them fix it. Good luck!
  2. Any tank leak will trigger evap code.I would just repair any leaks and see what happens. Thanks, drove it and engine light is still on. I think I remember someone on here say It will take at least 3 driving cycles till the light goes out. If the light stays on I guess Im changing the vent solinoid next weekend. Is it ok do be driving the truck if the vent solinoid is bad? Im not driving far just back and forth to work. Thanks again for everyones help.
  3. Found the source of the smell. Seem that one of the tubes coming out the top of the fuel pump has a small hole rusted through. Im wondering if this is the only reason for my po445 and po449 codes. Or if I need to replace the vent solinoid as well?
  4. My06 tahoe has check engine light on and smells like gas. Dealler said po449 code, vent solinoid. Iwas wondering if anyone else smelled gas?
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