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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to thank all of you for your input on the number of miles you put on your trucks. It really is good to know that most of you are having very good reports on the the 6.0 liter motor. I hope I have the success that you are having. I only have one major complaint and that is with the leather seats. Mine are coming apart and I have not put any hard use miles on this truck. It has not been used as a work truck mostly used to tow my boat. The leather seems to be very thin - anyway was not covered by warranty. Thanks again. John (second try - must have hit the wrong k
  2. I was just curious as to how many miles some of you have on your 6.0 liter motors without any problems. With the cold engine knock etc, it would interesting to here how many miles you have on this motor. Thanks for your input.
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