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  1. My 2010 Silverado With 4.8 Is A Dog

    Just checked on my break, 2007 4.8L Z71 4x4. I'm curious as to what gears i have now though. I'm a hair under a 1/4 tank and 261 miles on odometer. Is it possible my odo is off? and maybe i'm actually getting better mileage than i think...
  2. My 2010 Silverado With 4.8 Is A Dog

    Thanks jdelrizzle, I love the way my truck looks and even though I'm barely getting 315 Miles from a 26 gallon tank (12 mpg) I don't want to drop it down to stock. I just got the truck last tuesday (7-10-2012) and the dealership installed the lift and put the tires on. I found out i actually have a 4" lift not 3". IT does pull itself just fine up steep hills so no complaints in that department. Thanks again for the reply.
  3. 4.8L v8 Gas Mileage?

    I'm averaging 12 or 13 overall. I drive 40%highway and 60%city. I have 45k miles on my 2007 4x4 Z71 Crew Cab. I have a 3" Lift and 295/70-17 Nitto Terra Grapplers. I've been driving like an old man too. I go 60mph interstate and 35-40 in city. I start off very slow , very tender on the gas. Don't understand why im gettin such terrible mileage. Anyone else have lifted 4x4 with 4.8L and getting bad gas mileage?
  4. My 2010 Silverado With 4.8 Is A Dog

    It rained on the way home from the grocery store so i thought it would be a good opportunity to try and turn the wheels ... stopped in the road, turned off the Traction control, floored it... nothing just took off.. very slow from the start to 20mph, but 20mph - 60mph was pretty quick. No spinning out though, and the road was soaked.
  5. My 2010 Silverado With 4.8 Is A Dog

    I just bought a used 2007 Crew Cab z71 4x4, have 4" lift and 295/70-17 Nitto Terra Grapplers on it, it feels extremely underpowered on the bottom end. Took it out to play a little last Friday and one of my buddys just bought a 2WD Quad Cab with Hemi, wanted to see what he could do with it. He decided to drive down a pretty steep sand/clay hill on a power line and got stuck 75 yards at the bottom, was no other way out than the way he went down. So i backed up to him, strapped up, put it in 4L and i didn't have the power to turn a wheel in the sand. I ended up having to snatch him a few times and finally broke him out and up the hill we went. The 4.8 seems to pull itself out and up things just fine but not so much with loads. Still , I love my truck and I plan on keeping it atleast 7-10 years.. then I'll get me another Silverado :-)

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