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  1. Hey guys I need some help. I've got an 07 NNBS Silverado 5.3 Last week I used my remote start for my truck and it fired up and quit. The remote start wouldnt work so i went and started the truck with the keys. When i did this it started up and idled horribly in with the DIC reading "Engine Power is Reduced" I plugged in my diablo tuner and read the codes. I had a P2176 and P2101. I cleared the codes and the truck started up and ran normally. I drove the truck all day and it had some advancements in the idle. The rpm's would race in neutral and park. Anyway i researched it. Cleaned the carbon out of the throttle body and the truck straightened out. A couple days later not two miles from my house while driving it went into power reduction mode. This time only the P2101 and P1516 codes showed up. I cleared them. fired up and was on my way. This happened one more time that morning. After more research i ended up bringing it to my local gmc dealer for an idle relearn. After this the truck idled much better and has run fine for the past couple of days. Now its been at least 200 miles since i had the idle relearn done but today i was on my way to work itwent into to Power reduction mode. This time the only code to come up was the P1516. Same thing i cleared it and i was good. I am not just confused. The other two codes were related to the TAC. The only code now is the p1516- "Intake Manifold Runner Control Input (Bank 1) See P2014." What do you guys think?!
  2. hey guys ive got a new body style silverado and i had seen some guys who have painted there head light bezels and removed the amber lenses. When you have the guts to do it it looks awesome, but thats my problem. rather then ruining a perfectly good set of headlights if it didnt work, id rather buy set. i was wondering if anyone has seen color matched painted headlights. I dont want projectors and halo headlights. i want the stock lights but painted. And i know spec D makes black ones like the ones below but i was wondering if anyone had seen them in the any other colors
  3. ive done that and it shows no codes. when i restore the factory tune the lights don't appear anymore.
  4. I just recently bought a diablo sport predator programmer for my 07 new body style 5.3 silverado. I'm very happy with the power gains but after i drive a mile or two my abs light and parking break light turn on the dash along with a repetitive chime. I've heard of this happening to guys who have regeared their trucks or added 35" tires or so. But as soon as i shut the truck off and restart it the lights are gone until i start driving again. This leads me to believe its not actually an abs issue, but a programming thing. Wondering if anybody else had anything similar happen with a programmer or if their was a fix
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