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  1. Eshocks.com have all four 5100s for $306. Just bought some Thursday
  2. Tractor weighs 4k. I wasn't overweight.
  3. I'm not going to buy a trailer with brakes just to haul a tractor a couple times a year.
  4. Pulled the tractor just fine. Wish I had trailer brakes but I just used the engine to brake. Tranny never got over 195 which I think is awesome.
  5. And I have a bully dog on it so I can moniter all fluid temps. Thats what I bought it for. LOL
  6. Trailer does not have brakes, none of our farm trailers do. I was going to do mostly back roads with maybe 5 miles of hwy driving. I have hauled two tons of rock before and it braked alright. Maybe it will give me a reason to put new pads on, haha. Thanks for the input fellers
  7. This weekend im going to tow a 4500 pound tractor on a 16ft lowboy trailer. I have a 2003 GMC sierra 5.3 with 3.73 rear gears. Can I safely pull that weight? I would say total weight at 5500lbs. roughly 50 miles round trip. I think it can do it but wont like it. This will be the biggest thing it has towed.
  8. Hubs. Ball joints. A bunch of other stuff but I didn't do it so not 100% sure of everything. I'm leaning more towards not getting it.
  9. Any help would be appreciated. Is it worth the time and money? Is it difficult? I found the kit to just do one I'm just needing a little help deciding. Has anyone done it?
  10. what year models will they fit? I know its a dumb question, Im just not too educated on these things
  11. I am really just wondering if anybody has done it and how diffficult the install was. I watched a video of a install on a Ford but the front end on the ford and my front end are very different. Lol.
  12. Has a rebuilt front end. Less than 25,000 miles ago. I know thats not the culprit. It did it before and after the rebuild.
  13. I am replacing all the shocks on my 03 GMC Sierra z71 SLE ext. cab. I was looking into steering stabalizers and was wondering if anyone has installed any on your vehicle. I have noticed that the wheels "wobble" when i hit a pot hole or bump and think this will fix that problem. Im going with Bilstien shocks all around and possibly Rancho stabalizers. One question I had was, do you need two? I think I have seen trucks with only one but im not sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!! Note:front end was rebuilt less than 25k miles ago. Just wondering if anybody has installed them, how they work, how hard the installation was, thats all.
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