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  1. Looks great, I love those stock wheels. Lot of people love those terra grapplers but I feel they're a little plain looking, not very aggressive. Lots of other options out there to consider. Cooper ST Maxx, nitto Exo Grappler, Ridge Grappler. I just got Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws in 305/65/18 and they look a lot more aggressive in person than online and definitely more aggressive than the terra grapplers other guys at work have. To each their own though. Post when you get some new treads
  2. Do you have anymore side view pictures of your setup? I actually may have decided on these in this size over a 295/70/18 ST Maxx today and am just trying to do all my research. Truck looks great!
  3. Ha yeah definitely not calling. And I don't think it was a previous owner subscription because I had it run out a time before and was without it until a promotion.As for the sound quality vs. phone streaming apps, I don't think the quality is bad, and my phone apps don't work when I'm in the boonies, and they burn up my data.
  4. Knock on wood...haven't been charged in months. Was supposed to be 6 months for $29 a whilllle ago. Haven't been contacted again, xm still works, no charges on any of my cards
  5. Those tires look awesome. Hopefully all of the big tire companies will start making a tire between a/t and m/t.
  6. That thing looks awesome! And long live the Dip! I love that stuff
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