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  1. This got rekindled after a year... I now own two 2014 Silverados and we love them both. The issue with our first 2014 was the starter itself had moisture sealed inside and when temps drop below a certain level it would freeze locking the starter. At least that's what we were told. They said that issue would resolve itself after 500 miles or so with numerous starts... needless to say we didn't wait for that but took a firmer stand on GM standing behind there vehicles and quality. Once GM made us 100% satisfied with customer satisfaction we bought a 2nd truck. They drive incredibly well and we love them both.
  2. Our new Silverado never once failed to start and the temps were well below 10 degrees here in Ohio. I believe the dealership and GM put a new starter on our truck before we took possession a few weeks ago. This has to be the quietest and nicest riding trucks we have owned. Trying to convince my wife she needs the more room our 2012 GMC Sierra Crew has over the new 2014 Silverado DBL cab but she beats me every morning to the Silverado.
  3. Can you post pictures of the GM bed liner they put in. I ordered from dealer "GM" logo drop in and told them I would install. I have it here at home but question the fit of the tail gate cover already and have not installed anything yet. The tail gate cover does not seem right as the two factory holes where the old latch were are not on our 2014 Silverado. Did they just lay your tailgate cover on and drill all new holes including where the latch holes are?
  4. Was putting bed liner in mine and noticed the passenger side has to be at least 3/4"-1" longer with all the slop in it. 2 guys at 200# plus each and it never tightened. Did anybody find the 2014 bulletin on this? Hey GM customer service gang can you check on this for us and advise if we just call and get one that matches. I would think if the tail gate was open to the long length it would have some tilt and possibly hit bumper even?
  5. Don't throw me off or make fun, I understand the off road package thing but why did GM choose Z71 to describe it?
  6. Let's be careful not to take personal attacks at each other... Over on Silverado/Sierra this thread is locked for that reason. I respect all the opinions here, don't agree with some but still respect. A few things come to mind here that have convinced me my stance is the right one. 1. when was GM aware that they had a bad batch of starters and or a starting issue? (there is an auto review somewhere in this forum that says the Silverado Z71 they were driving would not start after driving it 10 miles I believe) Why were all the starters from that manufacture and vin numbers not cross referenced and the issue resolved before other vehicles reached the public? Did GM decide to gamble at that point and hope the bad starters all ended up in warm climates? Did the GM quality department decide it was less expensive to take on a few individuals with the issue than to just recall and repair all? 2. If after week 2 of this affair had we not rejected the offer made to us to keep the truck, the starting issue apparently would not have been resolved only another gamble by GM hoping it didn't get cold enough or the right circumstances to cause the starting issue again. It was at week three that regional customer service said they were expediting parts to fix the starting issue they were aware some vehicles had. What if this put someone in danger who was driving the truck stranding them in the cold or in a not so desirable area of town? 3. Was I blatantly lied to about the old vs new invoice issue when I originally asked if we could just trade trucks. (since I found one that was apparently produced and invoiced 2 months later) You asked what the next step is for OP if they say were done with you here's your truck and we are not paying for our rental? Lets see what this week brings at this point as like gambling I would rather not show my hand but I can tell you bluffing is not in my game!!!
  7. 100% customer satisfaction, If for any reason you can not mark "5" completely satisfied to any of these questions, please contact us for the opportunity to make things right... Dear dealership: am I really expected to just say a repainted door is just fine and it will make me 100% satisfied even though the truck that at I purchased 4 hours earlier did not have one? Dear GM: The very 1st time I tried to start my brand new Silverado it failed, (imagine the disappointment that very first night I just wanted to sit in my heated leather seats and think about the scratched door beside me) your own GM certified customer service manager told me there was nothing wrong with it over and over and over but 3 weeks later I am called by the regional customer service manager who tells me they are expediting a part to the dealership "quote, is missing well I mean possibly faulty that will resolve the starting issue that we are aware some of the trucks may have" Why was the truck still available for purchase and the problem not fixed prior to a customer sitting in the cold leather seats that -10 degree night the very first time and than stranding his wife alone in that back ally parking lot the 3rd time they ever tried starting the truck? (100% customer satisfaction?) Was told that they would replace the truck but it was an old invoice and would be impossible to find one that had the price I purchased it at. Yet 3 weeks later one happens to drop out of thin air identical down to the penny on the invoice even though it was manufactured 2 months later. (scratched truck that won't start invoiced 12/3/2013. The found truck at the dealerships own sister location delivered on 2/10/2014) (100% customer satisfaction?) This has gone on long enough: 24 GM vehicles purchased in the last 27 years , trades that looked as if they belonged back on the showroom floor and some did make it there 100% customer satisfaction on every survey turned in over the last 27 years only to be treated as just some guy who may or may not buy another vehicle from this dealership or better yet even GM the manufacture. I wonder how much money General Motors has made from those 24 vehicles? I wonder how much money the dealerships have made over the years on both the new purchases and the resale of the absolutely perfect trades? Yet some question why the frustration, just let it go, take your painted door truck that may or may not start and tell your wife to deal with it in that back ally parking lot every day. Yes that is 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!!
  8. Question for all? How well do you know your dealership? If you sat down with your salesman and general manager and said the following what would there reply be? customer: hi how you doing today I'm interested in your 2014 Silverado you have out there salesman: great lets see what we can do for you today customer: how's Mr. Doe the sales manager doing salesman: let me get him quick to say hello customer: hey good to see you today while I have you both here let me ask you something? If I buy that truck out there today and you guys put a 3" jagged scratch dead center of the door all the way down to the bare metal prepping it what would happen? Please fill in what you feel your dealerships reaction would be here____________________________________________
  9. I have told the service manager at the dealership everything you guys have posted or what I have found on my own as far as the starter issue goes. They continue to tell me they simply can not find anything wrong. The scratch was painted and yes I can see swirl marks. Stalemate is a good word to describe the current situation. My wife insisted on going down there Monday night and I won't disclose what was offered for us to take the truck but as she stood there with tears in her eyes and simply asked the general manager will that make the scratch unnoticeable and the starting issue go away, before he could reply I said I appreciate the offer but please contact your GM rep and let me know what your final determination is. So yes, we still wait and our first payment is due next week... The worst part is... I really like these guys, the small dealership feel, the joking around in the finance office (he found me a great interest rate and I returned the favor by buying some tire and dent warranty) almost forgot... truck would cycle all the way through the lights flash dash board comes up to the point where starter should engage and there was nothing. The remote and the key do the same thing and a few turns of the key over and over all of sudden varoom starts right up. The exact same thing that I believe happened to the Edmonds test Z71 2014 test truck.
  10. I don't know this for sure but I think our paper work was fast tracked as one of our trades sold the next day. I know they will tell about money invested in taking trades and how they need to a (something point inspection) but I know for a fact both our trades went straight to the front line lot and new car showroom. Granted the dealer new both the vehicles and service history. These two cars didn't even need washed and it was -10 and snowing here that day.
  11. The door was painted as this was not a scratch it was all the way down to the bare metal. I don't believe they painted the whole door as we could see swirle marks ex specially when both doors are open. We have never taken the truck but that one day. It has been at the dealership since
  12. The door was painted but they can not fix the starting issue because they can't find one. I am not going to give my wife this truck and say drive it until the starting issue happens again and take pictures of the process. "NOT GOING TO HAPPEN" We had this truck for approximately 18 hours and two out of the first three times we tried to start it failed. Remember nobody told the salesman that night they dropped off we would accept the truck, he only stated that they scratched the truck and he would call us the next day how to proceed. It was at 1:00 a.m. when I got home from work that night and saw how deep the scratch was combined with the fact I could not start the truck, "the very first time I tried" I made up my mind we were not excepting it.
  13. My wife and I certainly understand your thought process about pleasing the buying public. There are certainly those that complain and are looking for something for nothing at every opportunity. My wife worked as waitress for nearly 20 years at a chain pizza store and was meant sometimes weekly by the same people looking for discount pizza because it was burnt or delayed. We have bought over 20 GM vehicles over the last 27 years as previously stated and this the first and hopefully last time we looked for customer support on an issue. Sure there were a few issues here and there over the 27 years and even a scratch or two, but this scenario played out just a little different. The dealership has been very supportive over the last few days of our stance and there are just a few details that make an even exchange difficult. We did not realize when we picked this truck it was on so called "old invoice". Therefor to locate or order the identical truck at this time it would be about $2,000.00 more due to a invoice price increase. We have offered to pay the difference if they can find an old invoice crew cab even, identical options. (don't really want the crew cab as our 2012 Sierra is a crew to haul the grandkids around anyway) but were willing to do it. I am hoping by the end of the week that this all over and my wife has a fantastic new 2014 "Victory Red" Chevy Silverado. I know some look at this as little ridiculous and say lay down your silver spoon already and take the damn truck as is. We have both worked very hard over the years to spoil ourselves and our family. My wife is currently moonlighting after her regular job cleaning houses even today. So I guess you could say no silver spoon just hard work to get ahead and at times spoil ourselves and family.
  14. GM wasn't built on the back of a CEO making large amounts of money. Do you suppose in 1918 when that first truck (GM/Chevy sort of) was produced they had visions of an inspiration point where the defects gathered to be reworked? Where I work at one of GM's suppliers when we ship them a defective piece of hose that probably cost about $1.00 a foot they demand it be replaced with a high quality non-defective one... period!!! There are "CAR'S" corrective action reports to be filled out and personal accountability tracked back to the source... period!!! (as it should be) How many trucks does GM produce a day, a week, a month, a year? Do you really think some vast majority reach the buying customer that have been repainted or wouldn't start? I don't think so!!! Successful company's like GM are built on the customers backs and their expectations as well as the employees who produce the high quality products not the CEO. It starts with the customer demanding perfection from the lowest paid person in the company "The porter". The porter demanding a new stable ladder and rubberized hose nozzle to do his job from the salesman. The salesmen demanding from the general manager the needs of the porter to better service there buyers. The general manager demanding from the owners extra funds to buy the porter a ladder and hose. This goes all the way "UP" to the CEO and board of directors, we all tend to look at it from the CEO "DOWN" when in reality it's just the opposite. This chain should be the back bone of every car manufacture or any company that sells or provides any thing to any body. Do you all see a connection here? You can have the greatest CEO in the world but if you have customers that are satisfied and except scratched vehicles that may or may not start you know exactly what your going to continue to get. That is not the GM that I have become fond of or expect nor should you... period!!! I'm telling you all right now GM will make this right and when driving your Silverado or Sierra you can be damn proud they have and will continue to do so.
  15. Still in limbo a little but progress and negotiations being made. I have posted over in another site and the haters are hating... I would like to copy something over from there and hope all will read with a open mind, sense of humor but still find something they can take away from it other than questions about my sanity... lol
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