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  1. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra 4X4 crew cab 6.5' bed. I have occasionally gotten a "click" noise and felt jolt in what feels like the rear end upon acceleration. The other day I was going at low speed up hill at high torque and it started clicking in even increments as if in the same "spot" each click. We slowly climbed the hill on pavement not in 4 wheel drive as the clicking sound was heard. It was almost as if a gear was clicking in the rear end or maybe posi-traction was occasionally trying to engage but, never did and it was like I said a constant click. There was no sand or dirt on the pavemen
  2. Can someone please tell me how to turn off the warning bells such as seatbelt, door open, etc? It is very annoying when checking, feeding cattle, opening and closing gates in the pasture and trying to hunt. I have got to get those bells turned off or buy a truck than I can turn them off on. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra
  3. I had the same dilemma ! I've been driving toyotas for 25+ years. Swore by them swore I'd never buy anything else! …but man when i saw the new 2014 GMC ! Whew! Made it tough! I went to look at the Tundras and just thought nah I'm just gonna stick with Toyota but, got there and they just are the same as always no pizazz and the big kicker for me was I can't have a crew cab with a 6.5 ft bed on the tundra. I have to settle for small box/long bed or small cab longer box - GMC gave me what I wanted and I ain't looking back! 21,000 miles and no issues. I don't pull heavy loads. I have an 18' flatbe
  4. ^^ - What he said ^^ - My truck has the higher 3:23 gears and I have had it up over 110 - never did keep trying to see what top speed was? My truck is a stock 5.3L V8 ecotec? I raced a buddies F150 and he shut down at just under 100 and I keep on going! had no idea it had a limiter??
  5. I called around specifically for the crew cab with 6.5' bed. They were not hard to find at all here in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Prolly 1 in 10 trucks were so equipped. You can find them and they are well worth it! I hunt and fish (avidly). I need the extra space in the bed to haul harvested big game animals, hunting equipment, tree stands, tripod stands, ground blinds etc. - and you're right not only does the back seat of the double cab not have enough room for my 200lb hunting buddies but, you would be amazed at how much interior cargo space the Crew cab has when you lift the seats up and
  6. I Just bought a 14' sierra with leather and all else I could get save the denalli badges! Super nice! I love it! No probs, no issues in 21,000 miles so far. I can't imagine what vibrations you're talking about unless a tire problem? I test drove all of them! Sold a toyota tundra with 230K on it and vowed to never buy anything but Toyota…until I drove this! It's super quiet, super smooth riding! Ford was nice but, that Volvo V6 was a squirrel cage compared to this 5.3L Ecotec V8 and it gets better mileage and has way more torque on the low end and on up through the power band. I'm sure at some
  7. Ha! Keep trying GM! My Full size Crew cab 4X4 2014 GMC V8 with a 6.5 ft bed gets that all day long. On my way to town the other day I set my cruise control on 64 mph and got 27.1mpg over a 25 mile distance. Last night driving from Albuquerque to Dallas I got 22.3 with the Cruise set at 78mph over a 400 mile distance and that is loaded down with hunting equipment ice chests, luggage, Yakima luggage rack mounted over the bed etc.! My daily driving with a mix of city and hwy gets 19.9 - 20.4 over a 400 mile distance. WHY WOULD I WANT A SMALL TRUCK WITH THE SAME OR WORSE GAS MILAGE AND LESS HORSEP
  8. Great forum! Glad to have found you all. I found this sight while trying to find solutions on my navigation system (or lack thereof). NO MAPS! OMG! How will I survive? Need info on upgrading my OnStar to get maps on my screen. $46K GMC SLT 4X4 and no maps?? Crazy!
  9. Hey Firedog, The link either does't work properly or I am doing something wrong or am not a senior member to allow me to look at this link. When I hit your link it says I don't have permission for that???? Can you just tell me where to go to find this? Thanks man! You may have just saved me, my dealership and and GM a from getting in a big fight!
  10. Same here! I just talked to another guy today at the gun shop that thought the same thing! It's amazing how many people I am running across that feel they have been mislead! I wouldn't doubt if we end up seeing a class-action law suit over this. I certainly am not happy!
  11. I just bought a 2014 GMC SLT and boy and I upset with this Junk crap OnStar Nav system! Totally misleading! I asked specific questions and was told I would have maps and I do not! I need maps for the driving I do especially while on the phone a lot. I usually mute the female voice and watch the map to get to my destination! i am a "sight" person not a "listen to directions guy"! Can't use my phone and follow directions on the map app on the phone at the same time! Can't talk to customers with Google maps cutting in! Not to mention when traffic gets tough in the DFW metroplex I like to look at
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