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  1. Just wanted to let you know, the snow is not cooperating with us and I haven't had the time to swap in the new system, but when I do, I'll post some pictures just in case someone else like me, runs into the same issue.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. When I get it done, I'll post some pictures in case this ever happens to anyone else. I seriously thought about just keeping the stock box in, but I'm $200 in the hole and part of that was a Summit gift card from my wife, so I need to use this kit. Thanks again.
  3. I was also checking around and didn't have any luck. I guess it's time to get the tin snips out and do some modification. Bruce
  4. Where I work, I do a lot of fabrication, so reworking this isn't a problem, but I'd like to find out if anyone has done this before so that I could get some tips. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I just purchased a four piece set off of Amazon, from a supplier called Headlights Depot for $69.44 for my 2000 Sierra. Included the headlight assemblies and running lights. I'm happy with them, they look good and improved my night vision. Bruce
  6. I just purchased a new 5.3 for my 2000 Sierra 1500. I decided to add a cold air intake system. I bought the kit that Summit offers mainly because it's boxed for Summit by K&N and comes with all K&N parts. I thought this would be an easy swap but I found out it wasn't. I tried for hours to get the shield to fit where my factory airbox goes. After giving up, I called a friend that works for K&N and sent him multiple pictures of of my situation and it had him stumped. After taking a good look at things, I ran my VIN number and found my truck has the larger radiator for an engine and tranny cooler. Getting back to K&N, he tells me they do not offer a kit for this setup and he suggests me modifying the shield to make things work. Has anyone ran into this situation before and if so, how did you modify things to work. Thank you Bruce
  7. This is not the Bose sound system, I wish it was, but it's not. I was checking each speaker to hear if there was some sort of a crackling noise but they were all quiet and like I said, the sound came on this morning, so if worked for a few seconds. I also figure if a fuse was blown, it would not have played for those few seconds. This was just a freak thing, one day it was playing just fine, the next day, no sound. Thanks
  8. I got a factory cd am/fm stereo in my truck. It was working fine the other day but yesterday I had no sound. The unit powers up, but it has no output. I started my truck this morning and the sound came on for a few seconds and then went silent. Could the head unit be going out, do they have a factory amplifier and if so, could that be going bad? Thank you Bruce
  9. This is happening while the motor is running. If it's at an idle, the sound is very quiet, but while driving down the road, it is louder. I just talked to two friends and they both think it's the AC compressor. The one thinks it may just be low on Freon. He told me to turn off the heater controls, no defrost, not heat, nothing and if I hear nothing, then turn the heater controls on and if it happens, then it's the AC compressor. He said with the EGR valve, the engine light would be on and it isn't.
  10. My truck is a 2000 Sierra, 5.3 lit. I'm hearing a "clicking" noise coming from the passenger side, front area. It seems to happen every 10-12 seconds. The engine light is not on and it runs fine. Can someone tell me what the signs are of an EGR valve going out? Thanks
  11. I was told, and this may not be correct, but the "pink" anti-freeze didn't like the gaskets. Truck now seems to be running very well since the repair.
  12. Has anyone experienced this? My water pump was leaking at the block gasket. When I started my truck, you could smell anti-freeze and even see white in the exhaust. Now that I have replaced the water pump, the smell is gone and there is no more white in the exhaust and no coolant level is staying solid. I'm confused about this?
  13. Thank you....... This truck has been very good to me since I got it around 10 years ago so I really can't complain about it. Just glad I found this before I had to do some hauling to the track. That could have been a disaster in the making!
  14. Wasn't too bad of a job. Took my time and it took me about 1.5 hrs. I did have to tap on the original hub with a hammer but it came off fairly easy. I think the hardest parts was putting the dust shield back on, it kept wanting to interfere with the rotor, but I finally got that cleared and all back together. Works nice now. Next project, a new water pump and a driver side rocker panel. Thanks
  15. I think I found the problem....the front hub needs replaced, picking one up today. Thanks for the reply.
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