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  1. I have a question that I hope someone could help me out on. I have a 04 Suburban, last week I bought tires and rims from a stock 2011 Silverado, the tires are the same size as my other ones were, so I put on the newer ones that I bought and my Service Tire Monitor came on , now I tried to do the re-learn method, but I don't think its that, I think it has to do with the computer pairing up with the sensors. Would those sensors work from the Silverado onto my Suburban ? Is their anything I can do to make these work or have them programmed to my truck.
  2. I bought my 04 Suburban in 2013, truck originally came from Pennsylvania, I live on Long Island N.Y.. Last August someone cut in front of me and I hit the brakes hard and they went straight to the floor, No accident happened, anyway I had my mechanic change out all the lines with new brake lines that are coated with black finish, changed out 1 rear caliper and 2 new brake hoses in the front for $ 850, I also wrote a letter to NHTSA to file a complaint, I also took back my old brake lines, I could not believe how swollen with rust they were, they looked bigger than the original lines. So that's my story.
  3. I got my truck back today, all new brake lines, 2 new brake hoses in the front, 1 new caliper in the back because the bleeder valve was no good at a cost of $950.00 total. I took the lines home with me, I cannot believe how rotted they were, I bent some of them in half to put in a bag and they would just snap in half like twigs.
  4. Well, I just filed my complaint, this is what I wrote.On 8/30/14 I was driving down the road going about 25 mph when a car came out from a street on the left side and pulled in front of me without looking, I pressed down on the brakes quick and swerved to the right to avoid hitting him, he had no idea as I was swerving out of the way to not hit him, he was making his turn, I got on the horn and he just pulled over to the right and gave me a wave as to say he was sorry. Anyway, when I pressed down on the brake fast, it went all the way to the floor, I had total brake failure, all the brake fluid leaked out from the driver's side near the chassis, there was no stopping this truck. I don't see how they can say you are still able to use the brakes, you can't pump them. It is now sitting at the mechanics getting fixed, so far he told me it would be $600-$800 labor, I have not gotten back the truck yet as I write this. The brake lines were so rotted, it was only a matter of time, and I only bought this 9/17/13, The truck originally came from Pennsylvania.
  5. So do I go on NHTSA and file a complaint.
  6. I would like to know if you have room for 1 more to join your "rusted out brake line group". On 8/30 I had to stop short because some guy turned in front of me without looking, I hit my brakes hard and swerved out of the way and avoided hitting him and the brakes went to the floor after that, I got on my horn and the guy pulled over and waved to say sorry, now the truck is at the mechanic, he told me about $600 -$800 for labor, going to have them all done plus the 2 brake hoses up front, I only got the truck September 2013, already had rear end rebuilt and 2 front hub bearings, I replaced all 4 rotors myself and the truck has 112,000 miles on it. The truck originally came from Pennsylvania, very rusty underneath, I have looked at a lot of trucks, and it was very hard to find one with no rust, Its a shame they won't do a recall on this. Thanks for listening.
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