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  1. 7000 kms on my new ride. I have come from a 2008 6.0 - 4 spd 3.73 then a 2011 6.2 - 6 spd 3.73. My new 8 speed is definitely alien. My previous trucks shifted flawlessly. I have had the update done without much difference, I am not sure if the adaptive learning is getting better or I am driving around the weird shifting. Even starting the truck cold it does a big shudder, I am not sure what it is. One of the worst shifts going on is after being on the highway coming to a stop the 2-1 shift is so noticeable it almost chirps the tires. I checked the trans temp and it was 85C, normal. The power is awesome, once you learn how to drive. On one highway approach I floored it at 80 km/hr and it must have delayed for over a second, very scary, I am not sure if it was the drive by wire or the transmission or both.
  2. My dealer said they don't care when I come for oil changes. I get 4 free that's it. I have always changed oil early on my new vehicles, I figure any mountains off the cylinder walls (among other things) are shaved down by 3000 km and are now stuck in the oil and filter. My trans was not shifting too bad either, the cold 1-2 shift like you said and also some strange downshifts coming to a stop. My dealer did not contact me back today regarding my trans. I left messages to both the service writer and service manager this afternoon with no response. I am super upset. I told them on Tuesday that I would need a truck by Thursday afternoon if they cannot figure anything out. The loaner Equinox cannot haul my tools.
  3. My truck went in today for an oil change (3300 km's) and they seen the update come up. Flashed the transmission and they said it got worse, they contacted GM and now they need to keep my truck. I just got home with the loaner as Wednesday is Canada Day (holiday) and the transmission guys will get to it on Thursday.
  4. http://www.chevrolet.com/silverado-1500-pickup-truck/specs/trims.html The correct place to look for payload is on the door sticker. That number tells all. Fords advertised numbers were a joke, probably only with the extra load package which the dealer had none on the lot. I looked at no less then 6 door stickers on the 2014 Fords and not one was over 1264 lbs. The salesman was trying to get me to look at the book. The door sticker has to take into account all the options that add up. My claimed NHT payload is 1970 lbs. but my door sticker is 1768 lbs. I am sure options like a Sunroof can decrease payload. My 2005 Lariat was 1325 lbs and was very uncomfortable to drive with a heavy load, especially down a gravel road. When I was at the Dodge dealer he was insistent that the truck can carry more and he showed me the claimed numbers but the door sticker was 1100 lbs. A friend of mines Laramie is 1050 lbs. With the new body's I assume the actual Ford payload will be up near a Chevy. Chevy's were already about 300 lbs lighter previously and do have some aluminum panels now so it should be close.
  5. When I switched from my 2005 Ford Lariat to my 2008 Chevy LTZ, One of the main reasons was power. I wanted to try out a vortec max. The bonuses were heated seats going on with command start, when cold enough, also the HVAC system would go on. Auto 4 wheel drive, 500 lbs more payload, and a great ride. I looked at new 2014 Fords and all the door stickers had a max payload of around 1200 lbs. The Dodge Laramie with 4 corner air shocks was worse, 1100 lbs, same as my wife's Equinox. My Chevy's have always been in the 1700 lbs-1800 lbs range. The Ford with heated rear seats were nice and the retractable side steps were cool also but I needed my 6.2 power and payload. It's going to be very hard to switch me back when Chevy has so much to offer along with the reliability.
  6. I had 25 years of ford before buying my first Chevy in 2008. I was always fixing my Fords (under full warranty, first three years) and the down time time and inconvenience was just too much. I have bought 5 new Silverados since 2008 and the only warranty claims I had was to aim the headlights and the Onstar remote start from my iPhone not working properly. 3 of these were loaded LTZ's max trailering packages 6.0L,6.2L,6.2L. I have always received around 10-12K off the sticker price in Canada. In my experience it is just a better built truck, and a lot of friends I have told my story to have listened and no longer buy Fords.
  7. I have 1500 km on my 1 month old truck now and all seems well. The shifting takes some getting used to but it does not excessively clunk. The downshifting before coming to a stop is noticable unlike my 2011 6.2 6 spd. I have no vibrations at higher speeds and I think I accidently hit my speed limiter passing 3 cars on the highway at around 160 km/hr, it was like it just shut off. The truck seems to be a little stiffer on the small stutter bumps but overall it rides a little better then my 2011. The V8/V4 mode works flawless. It is definetly quiter, wind noise and engine/exhaust noise. Great fuel mileage so far 11L/100km on the HWY and sometimes better.
  8. Chevy 6.2 with max tow Canadian here. Great power, way more then the 5.3. Trans is OK so far but I am not used to all the shifting. Incredible fuel mileage (premium fuel) on the HWY. 11L/100km and I only have 1200 km on it. My 2011 6.2 was pretty good on fuel also at 13L/100km hwy but that was after 15,000 km on it.
  9. I thought my new max tow was stiffer then my 2011. It seems to be harsher on the little bumps, I think it has different shock valving on the max tow. My payload door sticker is 1768 lbs, that's pretty beefy. I went to look at Ford and Dodge last fall and they were mostly at 1200 and 1100 lbs payload.
  10. Just picked up my 6.2L NHT. Had the dealer remove the 20" wheels and put on 18"
  11. Picked mine up today, finally! Had the dealer install roll up Chevy cover, remove the 20" inch wheels and put on 18", add mud flaps. Will post better pictures later. The backup lights in the mirrors are super bright.
  12. My VIN starts with 3GC. My truck is in Kenora, Ontario as of Monday April 09. That is only 120 miles away. Dealer has to install Air Hawk mud flaps and Chevy roll top cover. Maybe get it by Friday.
  13. That sounds disappointing, my 2011 NHT 6.2 is leaps and bounds faster then any 5.3 I have tried including a 2014. It is a night and day difference even with tuners and intakes on the 5.3. The 6.2's 3.5" stock exhaust probably helps a lot. I am expecting my new 6.2 to be even faster with DI and more horsepower and more importantly more torque.
  14. My NHT truck is built and I have a VIN number. It is at status code 4200. Looks like I should have it in a couple weeks.
  15. I accidentally ran regular twice in my 2011 6.2L and did not notice a difference. Maybe not the whole tank though and I was highway driving. In my manual it says it is ok. I will be running premium in my new one 100% 2011 Silverado manual If the vehicle has the 6.2L V8 engine (VIN Code 2), use premium unleaded gasoline with a posted octane rating of 91 or higher. You can also use regular unleaded gasoline rated at 87 octane or higher, but the vehicle's acceleration could be slightly reduced, and a slight audible knocking noise, commonly referred to as spark knock, might be heard. 2015 Silverado Manual If the vehicle has the 6.2L V8 engine (VIN Code J), use premium unleaded gasoline meeting ASTM specification D4814 with a posted octane rating of 91 or higher. Regular unleaded gasoline rated at 87 octane or higher can be used, but acceleration and fuel economy will be reduced, and an audible knocking noise may be heard.
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