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  1. Thanks a ton!!! Sweet truck by the way!
  2. Cool thanks did you get it at the dealership?
  3. Anybody no if the exhaust tip will fit the older body style I have a 2013.
  4. What does the polished exhaust tip look like for the 2500hd. Have had the factory ones on my 1500. But didn't now they had one for hd.
  5. Ended up with the bfg ko2 in 275/60 20 they look and ride great!!
  6. Would it do any damage to crank bars a few turns? I hate sitting low in front. Require alignment?
  7. I see that there is only 200 lbs different in load rating from d to an e. I think I might go with the d load rating
  8. Ya they don't make load range E in the size I need.
  9. Looking for some different tires. Sick of the good year sra. I love the looks of bfg ko2. They have some that 275/60/20 but they are load range D. Will these be fine? Any other tire suggestions?
  10. Ya I've looked at the at3. I just love the look of the bfg. I've been wondering about the cooper atp they might look a little more aggressive than the at3.
  11. I have,a 2013 sierra 2500hd with factory 20" wheels wanting to get rid of the good year sra. Any suggestions? I'm leaning to the bfg ko2 in 275/60r20. The factory size is 265/60r20. The only thing bad is the bfg are only load range D and my local belle and discount tire won't even put them on for me. I need load range e they say.
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