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  1. I just picked up the car...while we couldn't exactly duplicate the issue they knew I wasn't bringing in the car for my health...after some investigating they found an issue with the steering shaft lower bearing adapter and replaced that. I'm hoping that was e cause and it's all fixed now. After replacement, the tech did an overnight road test with no issues.
  2. I live about an hour from the dealer and told them "I didn't just drive 2 hours out of my way (1 each direction) for something that isn't wrong with the car. It actually makes me nervous since it only happens on the highway and I am thinking it could be dangerous if it is a long turn on the highway and it hangs up. I am going back first thing tomorrow am and will go out on the road with one of the service techs to show them what happens. Hopefully it actually does it with him in the car.
  3. I have a 2015 LTZ Z71 and sometimes (usually at high speeds in the highway) I turn and the steering wheel gets hung up and I have to straighten the wheel out. If I don't straighten the wheel, the car continues to turn. The dealer couldn't duplicate or pinpoint the issue. Anyone have any ideas
  4. I have a '15 LTZ Z71 and my does the same thing. I brought it to the shop and they can't find a problem or duplicate it. Have you gotten an answer, or does anyone have any suggestions??
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