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  1. I havnt really had time to get to a dealership to have them look at it but it will go in before the warranty is up. I'm not sure about cd's since I rarely play them anymore, if I have music on my phone and use the regular aux input everything works fine, the same music using Bluetooth or through the usb and the right channel doesn't work.
  2. Has anyone had a problem where the left or right channel doesn't work? On my 14 with the 8"Mylink the right channel does not play when using the usb or Bluetooth but works fine with the radio and aux input.
  3. So I ended up with 275 70 18 toyo at2's and so far I'm pretty happy with them. I can feel the difference but it's no where near as bad as some people make you think.
  4. Awesome thanks a lot. Everything I read online makes you believe the truck will self destruct with anything over stock size, I'm glad it will be fine.
  5. Do you have a tune and do you run in m5 or just drive?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm ready to put new tires on my 14 Silverado and was wondering if 275/70/18 will be to much for the 3.08 gears. I don't do any towing with this truck and there's no mountains in south NJ.

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