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  1. I bought this truck used with a 6.6 Duramax. Everything ok the radio works except the USB port. I took the head unit out of the truck and there are t-splicers all over the wiring harnesses & it's a mess. I need to know if in this model truck the mini USB coming out of the factory wiring from the console to the back of the radio is supposed to plug into a mini USB on the back of the radio? I don't have a USB on the back of the radio, so if it isn't the wrong radio, where is it supposed to plug in? I need some help on this one guys. If it isn't the correct radio, does this explain why the backup camera only works now and then on the radio display? And could that be a grounding issue as well because these splicers have wires running to nowhere and it seems like this was just thrown back together in order for them to sell the truck? Anyway I would greatly appreciate you guys help on this one as I've got the truck completely torn apart trying to resolve this but I've been told there is a wiring harness that the mini USB plugs into but mostly that it should plug directly into the radio unit. So thanks in advance and I look forward to your responses! By the way that truck is a Denali HD model.
  2. I have a 2011 Sierra Denali HD & there is no mini USB port on the back of the radio itself, however there is a mini USB cable coming out of the wiring harness. It is painfully obvious that whoever owned the truck before me had a system in it & they butchered my wiring system, so it appears to be the factory radio. The backup camera and everything else works but no USB & nowhere to plug one in. Any suggestions?

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