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  1. Morning delayed and harsh engagement?

    Is it happening regularly? Our 2012 has done that a couple of times when I get on it hard and not up to temp. Sent from my 1911-A1
  2. Nice Buck!!! Sent from my 1911-A1
  3. That is a good idea, especially if you are left-handed. Ithaca makes really good shottys!!! Sent from my 1911-A1
  4. For longer range I have a .338 Win Mag. Sent from my 1911-A1
  5. I'd have to say the .270 has more recoil. My wife wanted it, then she shot it. Lol Sent from my 1911-A1
  6. My go to is a Ruger American in .308. I shoot Speer Grand Slams 165gr with 42.5gr IMR 4895 with sub minute groups. Hunt Antelope, Deer and Elk with it. Great Rifles JMHO!!! Also have the .270 in Ruger American. Sent from my 1911-A1
  7. I like the Remington 870. Relatively inexpensive, and reliable!!! Sent from my 1911-A1

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