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  1. That time of the year again to get my truck inspected. Charlotte, NC area. DM if you can help. Thanks in advance!
  2. They don't have any blue hue if that's what you're worried about. PM me if you're still interested.
  3. TTT Will do $65 shipped to the lower 48
  4. For sale: BPS G7 LED Headlight Kit w/ anti-flicker harnesses Color: 6500K (cool white) Lumens: 8000 Bulb type: 9012 (fits 2014+ GM Trucks) Everything works and is in like new condition, comes in the original packaging with purchase receipt (for warranty) and allen wrench for any needed beam adjustments. Recently upgraded to HID's and no longer have any use for this kit. Plug and play application (all connectors and harnesses fit in the dust cover). Great upgrade from factory halogens. Purchased 12/16, removed 2/17 (used about 2.5 months). Purchased brand new, paid $100. Asking $65
  5. I contacted BPS and asked about the G8 lights. They said that the G8's put out more lumens but the G7's are more rigid and have a better beam pattern. I went with the G7's. Thanks for the help, hope to post a review once i get them installed.
  6. I've got a 14' SLT as well and want to go the LED route. When ordering the BPS kit what all do I need? Also, what fog's did you get to match? Thanks in advance! (links to purchase would be great too)
  7. I am new to the forum but i just bought a 2014 Sierra Crew Cab 4x4 Z71, the truck has approximately 40,000 miles on it. Yesterday morning I went over a speed bump and this horrible creaking/squeaking noise happened, I go over about 4-5 on the way to work and it happened on all of them. When I left work that afternoon i went over the same speed bumps and the noise was gone. I had the same thing happen this morning as well. It is hard to pinpoint where the noise is coming from but it has something to do with the flexing caused from the speed bumps. The only variable I noticed which may/may not be causing this is it has been much colder the past 2 mornings (34-35 degrees). I have only had the truck for three weeks but this is the first time i have heard this. Any input on what could be causing this would be great, it is still under warranty but i feel like this is one of those things that a dealer will say they cant find anything wrong. Thanks

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