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  1. Yeah, I'd say it was time. Lol. I put on the shocks, having a shop put the struts on since I don't trust the rental tools to compress the springs. Replaced with Bilstein 5100
  2. So no local PDR places could fix this for me in the time I needed it done by, and I did not want to cancel my Linex appt so.... I studied various ways of removing it myself: Tapped wheel well inside bed with rubber mallet around the dent - no change Heated the dent and applied ice (alternated multiple times) - no change Heated the dent and used a strong magnet - this actually worked, a little Removed wheel well liner to try and access for underneath - appears to be double walled, couldn't A buddy told me he used one of those suction cups with a hook on it (like you use to hang something with), and hot glue. He had put hot glue on the cup, pushed it on the dent, waited for it to setup, then pulled it with pliers. Different materials, but similar concept to what the PDR pros use (granted their 'cups' are textured to hold the glue, more on that in a sec) Since this was inside the bed, and since Linex scuff off the paint to apply it what did I have to lose? I tried it, and the result was zip. The suction cup was too slick and turned loose from the glue before it would pull on the dent. So I removed the hot glue and had another idea. I took a 5" piece of 1/2" PVC, and scuffed the outside with sandpaper to make the glue adhere better. Then I cleaned the area around the dent really well, and applied hot glue liberally to the PVC. I then stuck it into the dent, following the crease (so the PVC was 'cradled' in the valley made by the dent) I waited 60 seconds for the glue to cure, and went to pull off the PVC. It was more muscle needed than I could apply holding the tiny piece of PVC, so I ran a rope through it. It took quite a bit of strength to pull the PVC off, and when it came off it made a very loud bang! Lo and behold, 95% of the dent was gone! I repeated the process and got closer to 98% of it out. You could still see a distortion in the paint if I pointed it out, but that was close enough considering Linex would be shot over it. Got the Linex liner shot in today, and you cannot even tell it was ever there. Sort of my own hillbilly version of a pops-a-dent
  3. I did last night, but I could not see the dent from the inside. It must be double wall there on the 2016. I plan to hot glue a puller on it, and pull that with pliers to try and pop it out. I used a strong magnet and got the worst of it out. The bedliner spray may cover it up. It isn't a huge deal, but the truck has less than 1100 miles. I'd prefer to not have a dent encased in Linex. The PDR guy said he cannot work with the dent once Linex is sprayed. I either need to get the dent out myself, cancel the Linex appt and wait for the PDR guy and reschedule, or just let them shoot the liner and not worry about it.
  4. Take it to the dealer and see if there is an update. I bought mine, got it home and had the same thing - it would not detect any Android phone we tried. Took it back to the dealer and they applied a software update and it works great now!
  5. I figured it was double walled, oh well. I may see what a body shop can do it with it. It looks pretty shallow, but generally they can't fill it in with the Line-x stuff. Bedliner is going in this Thurs, so I just need to get it taken care of quickly.
  6. So I am getting a Linex sprayed in later this week, but I was hauling some cargo and now have a 2" dent in my passenger wheel well. It is a mild dent, but one that would show if they spray over it. I have those fender skirt liners, and I have not taken those off, but is the bed double-walled there or is my fix as simple as removing the wheel well liner, and using a mallet to tap the dent out? It won't have to be perfect, as they are spraying over it.
  7. I have a 2016 z71 and wanted to see a led bar behind the grill, and yours looks awesome. What bar is that, and perhaps more importantly, what are the dimensions? You said 30" double stack, but how tall is it?
  8. Has anyone mounted a bar behind the 2016 Z71 grill and been satisfied with the output? I saw the one post that someone did was was not happy with how much light was blocked, and I think they changed the grill. I like the front end with the Z71 grill, and so swapping is not in the cards for me. I was thinking maybe two single row LED bars as opposed to one dual stack? If anyone has done this and can give me their feedback I would appreciate it. If one or two 30" single LED bars are not ideal, I may just use up to 3 small LED bars - one spot in front, with one flood on either side - sort of like in this pic http://www.outdoorhub.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/12/outdoorhub-chevrolet-announces-new-2016-silverado-special-ops-edition-2015-12-16_21-24-06-880x587.jpg
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