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  1. Hello all, Just joined the forum after lurking for a while and recently purchasing a 2016 Silverado 1500. Opted for a WT, 5.3L, 4X4, reg cab, short bed. Live out on the plains of northern AZ (open range) on an off grid homestead I built 2 years ago after retiring and getting out of Phx. I wanted a bare bones 8 cylinder 4X4 to get around the dirt (sometimes mud) roads out here. Vinyl flooring in the WT is a big deal in that regard. Plans are to use the truck as a reliable backup for a 99 2-door 4X4 Tahoe that I use around the ranch most days. Otherwise the truck will be used for the occasional supply/grocery run to town (70 mile one way) and for doing some backroad exploring and camping. Probably will pull a small off-road trailer to haul extra gear for longer stays in the backcountry. Already learned a great deal here and started doing a few basic mods to the truck based on what I learned. Great forum. Thanks, Carl
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